Amira Masood is back!

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Update: Episodes 1 and 2 of Amira's Secret - the exclusive special scenes - will be on red button on Tues 6 September from 8pm and Thursday 8 September from 8pm i.e. after the regular episodes on BBC One. They will also be online at the same time here on

EastEnders viewers are in for a special treat in September. As a prelude to Amira's return to Albert Square special scenes have been filmed for the Red Button that will begin to answer some of the questions posed by her dramatic exit from Walford in 2010.

As he plans his life together with Christian, Syed's frustrations begin to grow as his attempts to re-connect with Amira and seek a divorce meet with no success. It is only with help from an unexpected source that his hopes are revived and Amira's controlling father Qadim is left with the decision as to whether he brings Syed back into his daughter's life once more.

Before viewers discover the full impact of Amira's return, two mini red button episodes will disclose Amira's world away from the Square and the repercussions that these events might bring to Syed and Christian's relationship. Caged in her father's home, hidden in disgrace...what secret will she reveal?

These special scenes can be seen directly after EastEnders on the red button on the 6th and 8th September.

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