Photo spoilers: Max brings Tanya up to date!

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About time!

Tanya's confused when Max gives her a calendar. Not the most romantic of gifts? In fact, it's Max's way of telling Tanya he's set a date for the wedding - hurrah!

A sign of things to come...

A desperate Syed reverts back to his old ways. He can't cope with his most recent money problems and resorts to forging a cheque in Tam's name. Uh oh.

Businesses plus baby...

... equals nightmare for Michael. And having Billy as his right hand man probably doesn't help? Is Michael going to be able to cope without Janine?

Wrong time, right place

Lola is pleased when Jay pops over see her and Lexi. But she's less pleased when her social worker turns up unannounced. Will they be able to put the social worker at ease?

Back at the helm

No you're not having flashbacks, Phil really is back behind the bar! He takes Sharon's advice and returns 'home' to The Vic...

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