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Emotions run high

If there was a line, Joey and Lauren have just jumped over it with both feet... The pair can't resist each other and this week are set to share a kiss (or two!). What will the rest of the Brannings think?

The Butcher's are back...

Carol and the kids return to Walford! Hurrah! Will Derek (who's well and truly taken over Pat's pad) be pleased to see them?

The honeymoon period

What honeymoon period? It's not been fun and games for our newlyweds. Poor Christian is carted off by the police after Danny presses charges. Will the Masood's come to his rescue?

She just can't help herself...

Kat gets flirty with the Branning Bros - is that really wise? What will hubby Alfie have to say... will he get suspicious?

Turn back the clock?

Derek tries (once again) to bond with Joey. This time he gives him an heirloom in the form of a watch. As Joey drops it into a pint glass will daddy dearest finally get the message?

Mummy's little girl

What a heartbreaking moment. Lola cradles little Lexi and tells her that she is wanted and she is loved...*sob*

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