Week commencing 14 February 2011: Heating hell for Heather, and a romp for Roxy are just some of the hightlights and lowlights in Walford next week. Find out more!

In the swing of it

Michael Moon proves a hit with the Brannings, as Jack lashes out. Has his serial snogging extended to Ronnie? There can't be many ladies left in the Square that he hasn't smooched in the past week.

Winter woes
Heather's feeling blue - and turning blue - as her bedsit gets colder and colder. It's no place for a baby, Hev.

Left holding the baby

Darren gets more hands-on experience of fatherhood when Heather leaves baby George with him. Glad to see he's wrapped up warm.

Kept in the picture?
A missing photo sparks matrimonial mayhem between Ronnie and Jack. But which snap has made Mr Branning, er, snap?

Caught in the act
A surprise vist from Glenda catches Michael and Roxy in a compromising position. Is there nobody in Walford that Mr Moon doesn't have his eye on? Judging by the looks passing between them, will Glenda be next?


Heather faces toxic terror when her carbon monoxide starts escaping from her broken boiler. Will she survive the deadly fumes?

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