EastEnders live insert... didn't Billy do well?

EastEnders Blog Team

Last night finally saw Billy Mitchell's dream realized as he performed in the Olympic torch relay LIVE!

It was touch and go as to wether Billy would actually make it on time after being stuck on a tube and locked out of his flat... not to mention having his new trainers replaced by a pair of fluffy slippers!

Walford residents celebrated the moment with a good old East End street party, and most of the cast were present to give Billy a high five as he lapped the square with the torch.

But one important member of the Mitchell clan was nowhere to be seen. Billy's grandaughter, Lola, was going into labour at McClunky's during his relay... but in a rare happy ending, Billy mananged to make it on time to see Lola give birth... and there wasn't a dry eye in the house!


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