EastEnders' very own Roxy Mitchell, Rita Simons, can be seen in her own show on BBC One this Tuesday evening.

Rita has twin five-year old daughters, Maiya and Jaimee. Maiya was diagnosed with hearing loss at six-months old and Rita and husband Theo have just discovered that Maiya will probably lose her hearing completely.

The show charts Rita and her family's experiences as they consider making life-changing decisions for Maiya's future - should they embrace the deaf world, learn to sign and send her to a specialist school or try and give her hearing with technology, implants and artificial sound or a mixture of the two?

Rita Simons: My Daughter, Deafness and Me, will be shown at 10.40pm on BBC One on Tuesday 20th March. Check out two preview clips from the show below.

Plus, read about the making of the show over on the TV Blog

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