Past becomes present

Bianca's unimpressed that her ex-boyfriend Ray has turned up in Walford. In true Butcher style gives him a piece of her mind (in the middle of the street). Will she let him spend time with Morgan?

Keep your friends close

Lucy spends the day with Mandy - bonding. Will these two fiesty ladies get on like a house on fire or will the atmosphere in the Beale household become a little frosty?

Just what the doctor ordered...

Max and Tanya take Lauren to the surgery to discuss her binge drinking. What home truths does the doctor share with them?

Taken for a ride?

Ben and Jay work hard to fix up the car that Shirley gives them. Phil's pleased as punch that him and Ben finally have something in common, but should he be trusting his one and only son?

Forgive and forget?

An anxious Zainab tries to get Tamwar to open up. His stony silence makes her wonder if he'll ever be able to put the recent past behind him...

Make or break?

Bianca has a heart-to-heart with her mum, and shares her feelings about Ricky. Will Carol's marriage advice be what Bianca wants to hear?

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