Photo Spoiler: Heeeeere's Ronnie!

Ronnie Mitchell's out of prison and she's heading back to Albert Square...

We see the stronger of the two Mitchell sisters breathing her first sweet breaths of fresh air as a free woman.

But she’s not alone... Kat has come to meet her outside prison.  How will she react to the woman who has just spent two years inside for abducting her son, Tommy?

Ronnie is ready to put the past behind her and head back to Albert Square to face her future with her family at her side. However, something tells us that there won’t be flags lined up to welcome her return... It’s not going to be an easy ride when Ronnie inevitably has to face those she hurt, including her ex-husband Jack Branning, and her sister’s fiancé, Alfie Moon

Ronnie knows that with Roxy at her side, the old Mitchell sisters will be a force to be reckoned with.  Feisty, fun and flirty they’re sure to shake up Albert Square as the Mitchell clan regroups. But will Roxy forgive her that easily?

Samantha Womack behind the scenes

Samantha Womack says: “I am thrilled to be returning to the role of Ronnie for the next six months. Ronnie is coming out of prison and her re-appearance in the Square is going to create havoc. I can't wait to be a Mitchell once again!”

She tweeted on her first day back on set, "Back together again #mitchellsisters" with this photo of herself and onscreen sister Roxy, played by Rita Simons.  

Behind the scenes photo of Samantha Womack & Rita Simons

Lorraine Newman, Executive Producer added: “We're delighted to announce Samantha Womack's return to Albert Square. The Mitchell sisters are a fabulous pairing and it will be an absolute delight to have Ronnie and Roxy back together on screen. However, Ronnie's departure wasn't without controversy for many residents in Walford and her return will be sure to ruffle quite a few feathers..."


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