25 years of Walford weddings: Frocks ahoy!

I always cry at weddings, me. So *sniff* I've barely been able to see through the tears *sob*, putting this gallery together. Pat and Frank! Rickaaaaay and Bianca (and wedding # 2 coming up soon!)! Kat and Alfie!!!! All of those star-crossed lovers! The frocks! The cakes! The fistfights! The drama!


There isn't space enough in one gallery for all of the nuptials that the Square's been party to. Which is your favourite Walford wedding? Who had the best frock? Who had the worst? Let us know what you think!

Plus, apply for tickets to EastEnders25: The Exhibition - a celebration of 25 dramatic years in Walford, which will feature some of the most memorable props and costumes from a quarter century Albert Square.

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