Phil fights for life

EastEnders Blog Team

This autumn, EastEnders viewers are set to witness one of the show's biggest ever stunts, which will leave hard man Phil Mitchell fighting for his life.

One of several big storylines planned for this year finds Phil, desperate for cash, with no option but to get involved in a dodgy deal with Carl.

As always, devious and manipulative Carl has ulterior motives, only agreeing to tell Phil the details when they are on their way. However, with Carl’s reckless driving they soon have a close encounter with a lorry - resulting in an epic car crash that leaves them both unconscious.

This storyline will kick off a huge autumn for EastEnders, and with a series of twists and turns all is not as it seems. The fallout from the crash will change things for many of Walford's residents and have serious repercussions...

Lorraine Newman, EastEnders' Executive Producer said the crash would be “A suitably explosive start to a jam-packed autumn and winter full of love, romance and reprisals. Treats for audiences old and new. And one literal vanishing act... It's time to take your seats!"

As previously revealed, Barbara Windsor will be reprising her role as Peggy Mitchell for a special episode. But what state will she find Phil in when she arrives?



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