Down in the dumps

After hearing about Ben's sentencing, Jay needs some serious cheering up. Lucky for him he has the-sun-is-always-shining Abi around to give him some TLC.

Why the long face?

As he's sticking around in Walford, AJ decides he'd better get himself a job. Being a mechanic, there's really only one place to go - The Arches. But when he sees the state of the place, will he think about changing professions?

There's a time and a plaice!

A very angry Lucy confronts Joey in Beale's Plaice. She demands to know why he kissed Whitney. What does he have to say for himself?

Break away

Lucy handcuffs Joey to a metal flower (?!) as an act of revenge - that'll show 'im! Lauren takes pity on Joey and sets him free. The pair share a 'moment' - what would Lucy have to say about that?!

May the best man win...

After some (not so gentle) persuassion from Derek, Max agrees to let him be his best man. Derek is super happy, but what will Tanya think?!

Left holding the baby (literally)

An emotional Lola hands Lexi over to Phil after deciding it's the best way to keep her daughter our of foster care. Has Phil bitten off more than he can chew this time!?

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