Week commencing 26 September 2011

Hell-Ben(t) on destruction

Ben's clearly not a happy customer as he trashes the Minute Mart in front of poor Patrick. Wonder what's set him off?

Give me a sign

Tyler puts his faith in Fatboy's advice, as he puts on a show of affection for Whitney. Will she get the message?

The power or advertising?

We think she got the message! With a little help from Cupid Fatboy, Whitney and Tyler square up for a snog on Arthur's bench.

Painful encounter

Tamwar is caught in the middle as Syed tries to get to the bottom of Zainab's overdose. Will he get some straight answers?

Three little words?

Masood and Zainab face up to the future after all they've been through recently. Can they kiss and make up, or is it time to move on?

Negative reaction

Ian returns to Walford to discover that Mandy's been caught on camera in his absence. When Phil sees a photo opportunity to cause trouble, things get heated in the Vic.

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