Photo spoilers: Imaginary friends

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Weeek commencing 2 May 2011: Things are getting surreal in the Square - it's hard to tell the real relationships from the invented ones these days!

Lunch date?

Has Heather finally found Kevin? Tricky, 'cos he's not real! So who is the mystery man, and why is Hev admiring his lunch box?

Just say 'No' Phil!

Could a brief encounter between Phil and Rainie in R&R result in a return to bad habits for both of them? We can feel the heat - let's just hope there's not a fire blazing behind that door!

Newfound love?

Ian parades a new friend around Albert Square. But what's the real Beale deal with Jeanette, and how will Jane react?

Do you want sugar on that?

Not well, it seems. Unless Ian keeps his cereal in a very odd place! Looks like their relationship is going through more of a damp patch than a bad patch...

Testing times

Whitney has some bad news - Can Ryan be descreet about it, or will she become the laughing stock of the Square?

Get out of jail?

The Mitchell sisters are at loggerheads over how to handle Ronnie's remand. Should Ronnie take her punishment, or take Roxy's advice and plan her defence?

Wicked whispers?

Heather loses it with Denise. What could have prompted this punch-up? It's probably not a good time to pop into the Minute Mart for some milk...

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