The perfect Valentine's Day is...

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The most romantic day of the year is fast approaching... Valentine's Day! It's a time to skip merrily through parks, giggle over soppy cards and pick at choccies. Or maybe not.

Cute Cupid may be on standby with her bow and arrow, but life in Albert Square on Monday won't exactly be filled with love hearts and candles. Although, we can always hope that 'ol romantic Alfie may try to woo Kat back. Yep, there's always hope.

So, what's the perfect way to spend Valentine's Day? Are you itching for heart-shaped balloons and cuddly bears? Or does the thought of it just make you shiver and scratch?

I've collared a couple of the EastEnders cast for their lowdown on the perfect Valentine's Day...

The lovely Jo Joyner (Tanya Branning) may have been struck by the luuuuurrrrve arrow: "I'd like to get a carpet picnic with lots of little bits, treats and Champagne and then sit by the fire having a good catch up!" Aaaawwww.

And charming Cheryl Fergison (Heather Trott) shares a tip we could all follow in every day life: "You should tell the people you love that you love them every day... not just on Valentine's Day."

And dreaming of a warm V-Day is Lorna Fitzgerald, who plays Daddy's girl Abi Branning: "I love Valentine's Day - it's so sweet. I'd love to spend it on a beach somewhere really warm with loads of chocolates!" Bliss.

Here's hoping their nuggests of inspiration rubs off in Walford on Monday.

Or, perhaps you're in the pah-what-Valentine's-Day camp like Himesh Patel (Tamwar Masood)? "My perfect Valentine's Day would be a day of pretending I have no idea who Valentine was and asking others why they're even celebrating it.

Basically, I'll spend all day being quite annoying" Himesh explains. What a joker.

So, OVER TO YOU... the perfect Valentine's Day is...

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