This week on EastEnders: The Roxy Mitchell Empire expands

The Roxy Mitchell Business Empire expands

The Dagmar, Chrissie's nail bar, Booty... as Ian pointed out, the beauty salon site is Walford's biggest donkey. However, who cares about unwise business ventures when a. you've inherited your father's millions and b. you have the opportunity to shatter your estranged sister's vindictive dreams?

Cue a heated bidding war where even Danny tried to reign in Roxy's spending. Turns out, Ronnie only kept bidding to drive up the price. But who'll be laughing when Roxy's parading around the Square with free new hair/nails/eyelashes and Ronnie's reduced to buying an out-of-date hot oil home hair treatment pack from the Minute Mart? Aha!

Who's that girl?

So with the spirit of the Mitchell burning bright within her, young Louise traveled from Portugal to Walford only to fall at the final hurdle, mere metres from her dad's door. If it had been Billy or Minty she'd met, she'd have been tucked up in her new bed in the Vic as soon as you could say "You're faaaaaamily".

Unfortunately she met Ronnie who aside from hating her family, has... errr... some issues. Ronnie quizzed the Square's dads about their relationship with their offspring - Jack (estranged dad), Billy (estranged dad - except to Jay who isn't actually his son), then finally Phil who couldn't comment on his parenting methods as he was too busy having a ruck with Max and Jack. Cue Ronnie packing Louise off to social services as any kindly Auntie would. Note to all Walford parents: don't let Ronnie babysit.

Seriously, Walford residents. Stop digging at Trina's tree

Don't you know there's a body down there? Well of course you don't... but Lucas is getting precious little preaching done trying to stop you from digging for Roman treasure (Mo Harris) or planning to reproduce the Hanging Gardens of Babylon (Denise) in the exact spot where the tree/grave sits.

Usually we can't wait for nogoodniks to get their comeuppance, but there's something about the look of rising panic on Lucas's face every time that he arrives home to discover someone new tugging at the tree's roots, that makes us feel sorry for him. No wonder he had to trash the entire gardens... the poor man can't get a wink of sleep at night for fear that someone might be chopping down the tree for firewood. If only he'd buried Owen under the floor of the Vic cellar. Nobody'd expect to find another body down there...

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