Wow! Struggling Dot finally crumbles and realises she can no longer look after Jim.

It's already been a tense week as we've seen a worn out Dot over-working herself; trying to juggle work at the launderette, caring for Jim and managing with her bad shoulder.

It's just typical of Dot continuously refusing a helping hand -as we all know she's "not one to fuss" - but even she can't do everything.

The old fashion girl has always been about principles and following the rules regardless! So being there for Jim 'through thick and sickness and in health, until death do us apart', was the motto for her to stand by.

Deep down, confused and lonely, may not begin to describe how Dot is feeling. It certainly hasn't been an easy ride for Dot with Edward seeking her affections. Now, what will happen to their friendship? can't help but love the moment Dot watches her and Jim's wedding video *wipes tear of eye*. Emotional!

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