Is Ben being a bad boy?

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We now know that Ben Mitchell's been secretly emailing ol' romantic Heather Trott under the guise of 'Kevin68' through an online dating website. If only poor Hev knew!

In some of his past emails, Ben's used Hev's fave lust-lyric lothario George Michael's song titles hidden in his conversations. The Bad Boy(s). How very dare he.

The bullied schoolboy may have had to spill the beans to Jay, but it doesn't look like he's about to let Hev in on his little secret just yet.

Here's Ben's latest message. Both Ben and Hev have more in common than we think...

Is Ben being genuine and speaking from the heart, or is he getting a big kick out of winding Hev up? If so, surely the fella has FAR too much time on his hands.

When will Hev find out his sordid secret? She'll definitely have to Heal The Pain when she finds out.

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