Episode discussion for week starting 12 December

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Love, love, love

There must have been a bumper delivery of misteltoe in Walford this week, as it's snogs ahoy for Heather and Lauren... Hmm... Whits doesn't look best pleased, does she?

Hopefully Fats can put the smile back on the face of his baby girl. Let's hope it's not a talking Santa which whispers private messages d'amour for Whitney's ears only. What if Tiff were to find it??


Looks like Bianca didn't get the misteltoe brief. Or Shirley... Does Ricky deserve his telling off? Is Bianca as much to blame as he is? And could Heather be stalking Phil? Survey the evidence so far


Mandy seems to have made Ricky's heart race... Or is it his money worries? Either way, it appears that there's a light that hasn't gone out between these too. Should Mandy pursue it, or should she value her personal safety too much to make moves on Bianca's man?

Discuss these and anything that tickles your fancy about this week's eps in the comments section below!

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