Photo Spoilers: The point of no return?

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Red in the face

These two feisty ladies have an EPIC East End barny. Deep-rooted resentments come spilling out and Carol decides to pack her bags and leave... Uh oh.

A safe bet?

Shirley decides they need to offer a reward to find Heather's murderer. She goes in search of some dosh in Phil's safe - but what does she find in there?

The matter in hand

What's going on!? Janine's pregancy hormones are playing havoc with her personality as she hands over some money to the 'Who killed Heather' reward. Surely she'll want something back in return?

Family man

Tiffany and Morgan take a shining to big bad uncle Derek. We finally see Derek's softer side as he soaks up their affection and clearly enjoys feeling part of a family. Ahhh. But how long will it take for that smile to fade away!?

Rock bottom...

Bianca's whole world comes crashing down around her in the middle of the market... Her debts and dodgy dealings finally catch up with her and the police are called. What does this mean for her faaaaamily?

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