This week on EastEnders: Who Killed Archie Mitchell?*

You: Sleighbells ring, are you listening?
Me: No, I'm too busy trying to figure out who killed Archie Mitchell
You: Oh OK... any ideas?
Me: Erm... it was Phil... *no* Ronnie... *no* Peggy. Ryan. Ooh I know it was Jack. The dark horse! Hmmm... it could have been Sam. Ian! Lucy! Or Bradley... with that left hook of his... Janine...?
You: *stroke chin and watch this sinister apparition which materialises in front of your very eyes*

Me: Where the hell did that video come from? Was it generated by my thought processes?
You: Err - ?
Me: The outside money's on Dirty Den's ghost rearing up from it's ghostly home in the cellar of the Vic and whacking his earthly rival. Yep, my money's on Den.
You: I can't get a word in edgeways here. I'm off to find out what Detective Chief Inspector Marsden thinks and to reveal what I think in the comments bit below
Me: Oh good. I await your thoughts! It was definitely Den though... DR LEGG! IT WAS DR LEGG etc etc

*This is not a rhetorical question. We really do need you to tell us. LIKE, NOW PLEASE!


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