Photo spoiler: Charlie coffin dodges

It's a sad week for Walford as the residents come together to show their support for a mourning Dot.

Ian's been asked to speak at Nick's funeral by Dot, but before the big day his true feelings about the deceased rise to the surface and he's asked to leave by a defensive Charlie.

Dot's determined to see her son's body one more time before the funeral, but Charlie appears uneasy and instructs undertaker Les to keep the lid closed at all costs... but what exactly is Nick's son so desperate to hide?

Still clinging onto the idea of saying a proper goodbye to her wayward son, Dot is insistent that Charlie take her to the crematorium before Nick turns to ash - but will she make it on time, or does the mysterious copper have something up his sleeve to make Dot back down?

Over at Sharon's new bar, the new landlady takes a pop at Phil for stirring things up at the funeral - although in nasty Nick's case, it's probably more difficult to keep quiet!

Roxy is delighted when Ronnie throws her a birthday bash at The Vic - but it also looks like a certain market inspector has given her another reason to keep that massive smile on her face...

Lauren and Lucy are excited to start a property business together, with Lucy particularly keen to get things moving to show Ian she can be the businesswoman she's always promised to be.

However, things get off to a bumpy start when Lauren discovers that her alcoholic ex Jake is responsible for setting up their website. Could things go under for the friends before they even get started?

EastEnders airs these scenes and much, much more in FIVE episodes from Monday 24th March.


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