Lauren's video diary: "I'm gonna make her pay"

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Lauren's 'loo encounter' with Stacey was not only a whiff closer to clearing Bradley's name over Archie's murder, but also a stinker confession towards banging up her widowed sister-in-law.

Well, Lol was never going to let Stacey get away with murder, was she?

All she needed was sweet evidence... and guess what? A confrontation, a confession and a handy record button on her mobile later...

Would you tell the truth if you found out such a mahooooosive secret?

What would you do?

Check out Lol's six other video diaries:

Lauren's first video diary: "I'm Back"

A pregnancy announcement, murder and the joy at being back in Walford... Lauren's not holding back on the good stuff when it comes to filming her diary.

Lauren's second video diary: "I'm eating my weight in ice-cream"

A break up and a lorry load of ice cream, OKAY... maybe less of the lorry.

Lauren's third video diary: "It's my cousin..."

Following Billie's death, Lauren let's loose to Jessica how it's brought back her feelings on Bradley.

Lauren's fourth video diary: "He was possessed"

Lauren opens up to her mate Jess on the weird goings on at the Brannings'.

Lauren's fifth video diary: "My dad's a lying cheater!"

Lauren's hot on the heels of her dad, as she's all out to get to the bottom of who killed Archie to save her brother's name.

Lauren's sixth video diary: "Stacey did it!"

Lauren confronts Stacey in the Vic bogs and finds out more than she'd ever hoped... watch out Stacey!

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