Poor Lauren Branning hasn't had an easy ride since she returned to Walford from the Big Apple. The teen is getting over the house break-in and is not a happy bunny! Thank the lord for her mate, Jess, who's just a click away across the pond...

Watch Lauren's latest secret video on how she REALLY feels about the latest drama's unfolding at the Brannings'.

Check out Lol's first three video diaries:

Lauren's first video diary: "I'm Back"

A pregnancy announcement, murder and the joy at being back in Walford... Lauren's not holding back on the good stuff when it comes to filming her diary.

Lauren's second video diary: "I'm eating my weight in ice-cream"

A break up and a lorry load of ice cream, OKAY... maybe less of the lorry.

Lauren's third video diary: "It's my cousin..."

Following Billie's death, Lauren let's loose to Jessica how it's brought back her feelings on Bradley.

What with Harry playing damn dirty, we're sure Lauren will have a few things to say about his games.

Check back soon incase we find more insights knockin' about in Lauren's hideaway...

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