Children in Need night - EastEnders specials

There will be no episode of EastEnders on Friday 16th November, as Children In Need takes to our screens for a whole night of fundraising, celebrity skits and surprises.

But, of course, this doesn't render BBC One an EastEnders-free zone on the night. Oh, no. Fans can look forward to three special items from the show's cast:

  • Nina Wadia will front a special report on The Friendship Project
  • Lord Sugar will be dropping in on Albert Square for an unexpected visit!
  • Shona McGarty will be demonstrating her impressive vocal talents

We may even have a special taster or two on the website before the night itself. We'll keep you posted!

In the meantime, there's not need to wait until Friday to start giving. find out how you can help raise money for Children In Need right now! We really appreciate any support you can give.


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