Let's watch Friday's EastEnders together!

It's the dilemma that's sweeping the nation! The burning question on everyone's lips in every office/school/supermarket/gym/pet shop in Britain, indeed across the globe!*

Which Facebook group to join - Syed's, Christian's or Amira's? Whoever you think needs your support the most, join up and be amongst your kindred spirits, the people who love your character most! There's exciting discussions happening there daily, hourly, even minutely... if that's a word...

Join Team Amira

Plus, join us on Friday 16 April at 8pm to watch EastEnders together! We won't say much, but it's going to be very exciting and we can't watch it alone! We'll be watching/commenting here on the blog, but for the full chatty experience, join the Facebook team of your choice and get ready for some true drama!!

*Well we're excited anyway...


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