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"We're all going on a - summer holiday. No more work for a - week or two". (Nuff respect to the Cliff...) Unfortunately, this wasn't how it went down, but a few lucky members of the Enders online time did manage to bag a place on location in sunny Sssaaaarrrrfffff End complete with a video camera, sun cream and endless amounts of promenade paraphernalia!

Next week's ep's promises to be, in a word... EPIC! Rob is hot on the heels of poor Whitney on a trip with Fatboy. But will he manage to track her down?

Check out our results with this exclusive video teaser featuring Shona, Ricky, Neil and special guest, Jodie Latham!   

Keep your eyes peeled for more video gems next week on the blog! They promise to be more dramatic than Max Branning's love life and more colourful than one of Kim Fox's top, well....

Check out more behind the scenes action from Southend...

Ryan and Rob's fight on the pier

Whitney and Fatboy's roller coaster ride

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