Ava has a hot date lined up with Billy and, after spending the day getting ready, she is nervous with excitement. When there’s a knock at the door, she thinks it’s going to be him, but the look on her face suggests all is not right. Instead of her date, Ava is clearly shocked to see an old face from her past!

The mystery man turns out to be Sam, her old flame, and none other than Dexter's father! He's back to build a relationship with his son, but stunned Ava, isn't having any of it. When Dexter wants to know who he is, she is forced to introduce him as 'Jacob', an old friend, but later she warns him to stay away from both of them. Dexter's curiosity, though, is considerably piqued by this mysterious stranger. Can Ava keep his identity a secret? How will Dexter react if he finds out the truth?

Over at the Mitchell’s, Sharon is going into full Stepford wife mode, as she tries to hide her growing addiction. She organises a family dinner, but Lola is highly anxious as she struggles to keep Sharon's secret. Determined to discover the extent of Sharon's problem, Lola takes the opportunity to sneak through her handbag in search of more pills, when she is caught in the act by Phil.

Sharon senses what Lola's up to, and helps her cover in front of Phil, but the awkward-o-meter is cranked up to new heights at the family dinner. When Trish, the social worker, and Shirley, turn up uninvited, the scene is set for a very difficult evening. Can Sharon and Lola manage to keep it together?

The restaurant is developing at pace, and Ian is enjoying flashing the cash. He offers Jean the chef’s job, much to her delight, but power never takes long to go to Ian Beale’s head, and it’s clear he’s going to make her jump through hoops first.

But there is one woman who seems enamoured with the newly-confident Ian. When he flirtily suggests to Densie that she’ll need a raincoat to deal with all the cash he’ll be showering on her, she later returns in said raincoat, and very little else! Oh-la-la! Ian has never known such luck, I wonder how long it’ll be until it runs out…?

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