Photo spoilers: Back for good?

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Stand by your man

Alerted to the fact Mandy's leaving the Square by Lucy, Ian runs after her with a proposal. Will she stand by her man? In that coat, who could resist?

Friend or Foe?

Derek collars Ben in the Square garden and asks him just how he managed to persuade his dad to forgive him. What's Derek playing at? We can't imagine he wants to know the key to Phil's heart!

Poker Face

Alfie is invited to another round of cards by Derek at Basher Jim's, but just as they are about to lay all their cards on the table Phil turns up. Forced to choose between Derek or Phil's new decks, whose will this joker in the pack pick? It's all very symbolic, innit?

Brought to book

At the book club, Cora quizzes Roxy about a comment she made earlier regarding the cancer putting pressure on Tanya and Max's relationship. Let's hope Cora can't read Roxy like the book they've supposed to have studied.

Tears before bedtime?

A tearful Roxy nearly spills the beans to Alfie about her affair with Max - will Alfie's good deed be taken in the way it was intended; as just a shoulder to cry on?

Fishy business

Kim gets dressed up to the nines to help Ray out at the Vic, but his attempts at matchmaking fall short when he asks her to fillet fish in the kitchen. What? Are you mad? Trusting that woman with a sharp implement and getting on the wrong side of her?

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