Episode discussion for week 25 - 29 July

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This is your chance to share your thoughts on all the drama from Albert Square. Are you excited about the new Moon clan? What would you do if you were Max?

Join in the episode discussion below!

*Please be warned, the episode guides contain spoilers!*

Monday 25th July - 8pm

Eddie's happiness at Anthony's arrival in Walford is short-lived when an act of vengeance puts the Moons' business in jeopardy.

Vanessa remains powerless as the gulf between her and Max continues to widen.

Meanwhile, Zainab finds herself unexpectedly defending Masood from Afia's barbs, and Roxy is furious when she rumbles Ryan's dodgy dealings.

Tuesday 26th July - 7.30pm

Eddie goes to unnerving lengths in an attempt to make Michael pay for last night's events.

Elsewhere, Tanya continues to distance herself from Greg, while Dot offers some words of comfort to Rainie.

Yusef continues to exert his control over a sleep-deprived Zainab.

Thursday 28th July - 7.30pm

Julie and Jean are panicked to find the Vic toilets covered in blood - does a set of keys hold the clue to what happened?

Meanwhile, Billy prepares for a home visit from Lola's social worker, much to Julie's displeasure.

Greg is frustrated when Cora makes an unexpected return, and Anthony plays peacemaker between Eddie and Michael.

Friday 29th July - 8pm

Jean is left reeling when an angry Eddie turns on her for snooping through his private letters.

Elsewhere, Michael realises he could use Tyler's temper to his advantage, Rainie warns a lovestruck Lauren about Ryan's underhand activities, and Lola delights in causing tension between Billy and Julie.

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