Episode discussion for week 13-17 June

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This is your chance to share your thoughts and reactions on the events in Walford. Check out this week's episode guide below and share your thoughts.

Please be warned though, the episode guides contain spoilers!

Monday 13th June

Janine and Lydia reach out to one another, before heartbreaking tragedy tears them apart.

Vanessa puts Max on the spot about his feelings for Tanya, while a terrified Mercy prepares herself for the worst in court.

Tuesday 14th June

Janine is left reeling after the devastating events of the previous evening, but a suspicious Pat can't help but question her involvement.

Fat Boy fights for Mercy at the immigration court, while Michael is surprised to share a moment of understanding with Ronnie.

Carol finally admits she needs Eddie's help, and Christian frets about growing older.

Thursday 16th June

Tanya is forced to take drastic action when an intoxicated Rainie wreaks havoc in her home.

Janine is horrified to be hauled in for questioning about Lydia's death - but who called the police?

Carol and Eddie come to blows over Liam, while Masood offers Tam some words of wisdom ahead of his wedding.

Chrisitian is less than impressed with Syed's birthday surprise.

Friday 17th June

Tensions threaten to reach boiling point between Max and Tanya at Max and Vanessa's engagement party.

Christian's jealousy causes an explosive argument with Syed at his birthday drinks, while Ronnie is left uneasy when her solicitor pays a visit.

Zainab locks horns with Denise over Tam and Afia's wedding plans.

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