Photo spoilers: A happy ending for Christian and Syed?

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Know your place

Syed's clearly come to his senses as he lets Danny know that his place is with Christian… and Danny's place is on the floor with a black eye.

The happy couple

Guilt-stricken Syed reveals his liaisons with Danny to a horror-struck Christian. The result? A blazing row. With the punch up, row and Zainab's fussing (who would have guessed it?!), will Syed and Christian manage to go through with the wedding and get the happy ending that they deserve? Or will everything that's happened recently just prove too much?

Fatboy, Fatboy, wherefore art thou, Fatboy?

Denise and Fatboy hit it off when he defends her at the stag do. Clearly, Fatboy's given her butterflies as she looks for him out of her window like a love-struck school girl! Can this odd couple last? And how will the rest of the Square react to their romance?

Annie Get your Gay

Christian is Roxy's best friend, he means the world to her and she wants him to know it. But Christian reluctantly drops a bombshell of bad news onto Roxy…

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