Lauren's video diary: "I'm back!"

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Lauren Branning IS BACK... and don't we know it. This clever chick's not alone though, as she's brought her best buds along... her laptop and camera!

Rewind to when the crafty minx recorded her cheating dad and Stacey snogging and then played it out on Christmas Day in 2007... what a lovely festive treat for the whole family, eh? Enough to make them all choke on a choccie. Oh, and knock the Christmas tree over. And cry. Lots.

Fast forward again to the present (no, not a wrapped one)...

Lauren's recording button is well and truly lit again and this time the cunning madam has started a video diary. BRILLIANT! Somehow, her first recording has landed in my lap (*cough * "It wasn't me, guv" cough.*)

Knock yourself out... we betcha this won't be her first recording!

Right, I'm off to tip toe around the Square to search for abandoned videos... (*wink*)

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