Photo spoilers: Fiiiiiiiggggghhhhtttt!!!

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Tempers fly

Tensions are high within the football team after a dismal match. Insults are traded and a full-blown fight kicks off in The Vic.

Shirley's having a rubbish time

Shirley has had a bit of a tough time of it lately and has decided to the best way of coping is by hitting the bottle hard. Kat sees Shirley stumbling around The Square and decides to take pity on her.


Look who's back

A bronzed and blonde Abi arrives back in Walford and gushes over baby Lexi. She's eager to know what else has happened during her time away... who's going to fill her in?

Young love

Anthony and Alice finally get to go on a date, and a romantic Anthony pulls out all the stops to try and impress Alice. But how long will their happiness last?

A risky gamble

Devious Joey convinces Anthony to take part in an ill-fated poker match with Derek. When Derek raises the stakes, Anthony makes a foolish decision that could cost him dearly.

Sharon vs Tanya

After arranging a play date with Oscar and Dennis Jnr, Tanya and Sharon show their competitive sides... will these two ever be friends?


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