Advent Calender #14: Mystic Mo's 2012 predictions

"Roll up, roll up! Cross my palm with silver (no credit, no refunds!) and I'll tell you what the future holds for all of you..."

'Mystic' Mo Harris has gazed deeply into her antique crystal ball (twenty knicker each, with a pack of genuine reproduction Tarot cards thrown in while stocks last... ) and plucked ten tantalising teasers from the ether. They'll all really happen in 2012, but what could they mean?

  • Heartbreak happens for one mother hen when her-hen pecked hubby strays from the nest.
  • Sinister secrets that may mar her marriage are discovered by a worried wife.
  • A protective patriarch puts himself in danger to save his offspring.
  • The man in the moon will be left lonely when his lady makes a mercy mission.
  • Brotherly love will be put to the test when one sibling commits a cardinal sin.
  • A heart will be broken when a beautiful babe chooses her beau to be.
  • A tall, dark stranger will turn one brassy broad's life upside down.
  • Nerves will be frayed when one man gets battered in a battle for his affections.
  • Lusty letters cause conflict for two rowing relatives.
  • Fireworks fly for two likely lads leaving them in hot water with the big bad wolf.

Let the speculation commence! Does Mo have the second sight? Only time will tell...


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