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  1. Christmas is coming!

    The cast of EastEnders have gathered in Albert Square for a festive photo!

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  2. Photo spoiler: Goose women

    Christmas has officially arrived in Walford! Following the dramatic events of last year, the Carters are determined to make this year special. starting with an early present from Aunt Babe - a goose!

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  3. Photo spoiler: Between a Roxy and a hard place

    The Mitchell family reel from Ronnie’s arrest (for the murder of Carl White) and share some harsh home truths with Roxy after she admits it was her who called the police. She comes to blows with Sharon, forcing Billy to step in.

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  4. Photo spoiler: Ronnie's taken on a white knuckle ride

    There's a knock at the Mitchells' door. It's the police (no real surprise there), and they're looking for Ronnie. She's arrested for Carl White's murder. Uh oh!

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  5. Photo Spoiler: Fatboy faces flak from Vincent

    When Vincent learns of Fatboy’s behaviour towards Donna, he takes shocking action!

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