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  1. EastEnders cast transgender actor

    Riley Carter Millington, 21, will be joining the cast of EastEnders as Kyle, a transgender character. Riley’s casting is the first time a UK television soap opera has ever had a transgender actor playing a transgender character in a continuing role.

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  2. Photo Spoiler: Forgive and forget

    Back in the Square, a desperate Kathy does her best to explain everything that’s happened and begs Ian for forgiveness. With emotions high, Kathy finally breaks down and is comforted by her son.

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  3. National Television Awards 2016 longlist nominees announced

    A host of your EastEnders favourites have been nominated for the 2016 National Television Awards.

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  4. 2015 Inside Soap Awards winners

    EastEnders scooped 3 prizes at this year's awards: Funniest Female, Best Shock Twist and Best Showstopper.

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  5. Photo spoiler: Fats' flat flirt

    Donna continues to flirt with Fatboy and back at her flat, the pair finally share a kiss. With the tension rising, Donna finds herself leading Fatboy to the bedroom …

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  6. Photo spoiler: Gavin's havin' it out with Phil!

    After Phil helped Kathy come home, a vengeful Gavin makes his way to Walford and confronts Phil with back-up. What does Gavin have planned and has Phil met his match?

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