After months of heartache, Lola's day in court has finally arrived! Her nerves already on edge, things get off to a dodgy start, with a Phil Mitchell tantrum! Figuring out that Lola and Billy knew about Sharon's pill addiction, he storms off in dramatic fashion. Well, he is a highly strung fellow!

Billy isn't going to give up that easily though, and he follows in hot pursuit! Standing up to Phil, he begs him not to jeopardise Lola getting Lexi back. We know things often take a while to filter through Phil's thick skin, so will he change his mind in time to help Lola in court?

Lola waits nervously to see if Phil will return, and her dream of being reunited with Lexi hangs by a thread!

Despite her amorous best efforts, Kirsty takes a test and is still not pregnant. Running out of options, she decides it's time to 'fess up to Max. Just as she plucks up the courage, though, her phone goes. It's her brother, Adam, to share the unwelcome news that her ex-boyfriend, Carl, is out of prison and is intent on seeing her!

Max goes into defensive mode, and vows to protect mother and baby! Sinking ever deeper into her lies, Kirsty doesn't know what to do!

Max, meanwhile, knows exactly what to do. When the going gets tough, the Branning boys get rough! Seeking advice from Jack, the duo devise a plan to get Adam and Carl out of the picture.

Max goes to see Adam, warning him and Carl to stay away from Kirsty. Adam is no pushover though, and delivers his reply straight to Max's gut! Suddenly, Jack appear and steps in, and now the Brannings have the upper hand. Have they bit off more than they can chew this time though? And will this only make things worse? You can't expect the Brannings to consider the consequences of their actions...!

To see Lola in court, and the Brannings employ the rough stuff, tune in all next week from Monday 20th May.


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