Mystic Mo 2013 predictions

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Roll up, roll up! Cross my palm with silver (no credit, no refunds!) and I'll tell you what the future holds for all of you..."

Mystic Mo

'Mystic' Mo Harris has gazed deeply into her 'genuine antique' crystal ball (a bargain from Fat Elvis, with a pack of genuine reproduction Tarot cards thrown in while stocks last... ) and plucked ten tantalising teasers from the ether. They'll all really happen in 2013, but what could they mean?

  • Mother knows best, except for this one; a wayward mother with a wayward son.
  • There'll be tears before bedtime, as another gets hurt. This longstanding couple switch on the waterworks.
  • Baby makes three, but which three does that mean? They'll have a fight on their hands to keep on the scene.
  • They say only fools and horses work for their keep. Well which one is this, selling tat on the street?
  • Like weary boxers, they go head to head. He's pushed him too far and left him for dead.
  • Home is where the heart is, or so they say. But what if that heart gets taken away?
  • A storm is coming, a blast from the past. Things are different now, but how long will it last?
  • The wedding bells ring, it's someone's big day - but will they go through with it, or just run away?
  • The girls get their claws out; who will back down? How far will they go to run the others from town?
  • Opposites attract, I think you'll agree. Especially when these two are on your TV.
  • And then there's new faces and fun to be had. They seem like a nice lot, but what about dad?


Is Mo talking rubbish? Ponder away... Only time will tell what's in store in the New Year.


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