Photo spoilers: Out with the old, Ian with the new

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A happy chappy

Look how happy he is! Mr Beale gets his cafe back, and has a little party to celebrate. The big question is, what does he call it this time around?

Strapped for cash?

Whitney and Bianca come up with a money saving scheme! They strap wine to Bianca to avoid paying for drinks... Genius or not so genius?

Sick and Tie-rd

When Janine tells Michael he has to wear a bright pink tie for the wedding he's not impressed. Will this push him over the edge?

First to the post!

Ben pretends to head off to school, but actually hangs about waiting for Masood to deliver the post... What's he so keen to get his hands on?

Trouble brewing?

Uh oh. Have Alfie's dogdy booze dealings with Derek gone awry? Those burly lookin' fella's in the back of the car don't look that friendly Alfie - RUN!

A bee in her bonnet?

This may look like they're doing the congo - but infact Bianca is causing a bit of mayhem. What's got her all riled up?

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