Episode discussion for week 8 - 12 August

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It's turning out to be quite a dramatic week in Albert Square and this is your chance to share all your thoughts about the drama.

How do you feel about the Max and Tanya saga (part 4!)? Or the Lola - Abi - Jay love triangle? Let us know what you think below...

Before you start reading please be warned, the episode guides contain spoilers!

Monday 8th August - 8pm

It is the day of Kat and Alfie's Cockney Bash at The Vic, and while Jean goes into meltdown over a surprise delivery, Tanya and Max's affair is threatened with discovery.

Elsewhere, Norman dons his Pearly King outfit in an attempt to impress Pat, while Carol is furious to be the subject of idle gossip.

Tuesday 9th August - 7.30pm

Max and Tanya's secret rendezvous is interrupted by a surprise visitor with some very unpleasant home truths to dish out.

Meanwhile, Kat issues Eddie with an ultimatum, and Lola turns to Ian in search of a job.

Thursday 11th August - 7.30pm

It is judgement day for Max and Tanya as they finally prepare to come clean with Vanessa and Greg.

However, Tanya's life is turned upside down as she receives some earth-shattering news of her own.

Elsewhere, Jean is on a mission to catch Norman's eye, and Darren begins to panic about funding Jodie's elaborate wedding.

Friday 12th August - 8pm

After receiving the startling news from Yusef, Tanya resolves to make her decision and goes to meet Max.

But who will she choose: Max, or Greg? A shock discovery by Vanessa sends her into a meltdown.

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