Video exclusive: A day in the life of an actor!

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Have you ever wondered (or, like me, slightly obsess) over what it's like to be an actor?

Meet Jacqueline Jossa. Not only has Jac stepped into the role of sarcastic Lauren Branning, but she's stepped into Walford as a bright, young starlet and loves it. She's also oh-so-bloomin' friendly. Whatta gal.

We gave the Kentish lass a video camera for the day, so she could film herself from morning until night... from wet hair to Albert Square...

Watch what her day is REALLY like. And keep your eyes peeled for Cheryl (Hev) doin' "sexy".

My top Jac quote:

"Yeah, I have a sheep. Yeah, he sleeps with me in bed." Let's hope he helps her catch some zzzzzzzzzzzzz's.

And when the camera wasn't rolling (damn!):

  • We spotted Ricky Norwood (Fatboy) hanging out with the young actress, Himesh (Tamwar) and Bunmi (Mercy) in the chill-out room between scenes.

  • We listened to Cheryl singing a song about Jac whilst strumming her guitar. Quite a tune!

  • Jac explained that she HAS to wear two bracelets as Lauren in every scene.

Now you're filled in on what it's like to live life as an actor, what do ya reckon? *Turns a shade of green*. I'd do it! Let me at 'em.

Who else would YOU like to see a day in the life of? What sort of video feature would YOU like us to film? (Keep it clean people)...

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