Lauren's video diary: "My dad's a lying cheater!"

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How can Walford's womaniser, Max, squirm his way out of any situation... APART from when it comes to his own daughter, Lauren?

Well, Lauren 'Detective' Branning is not just ANY daughter... this girl has form! Lol's smelling her way around Max and Stacey like a sniffer dog... even on her Uncle Jack's wedding day!

And OMG... has she almost cracked it? (... I said 'ALMOST').

Check out Lol's first four video diaries:

Lauren's first video diary: "I'm Back"

A pregnancy announcement, murder and the joy at being back in Walford... Lauren's not holding back on the good stuff when it comes to filming her diary.

Lauren's second video diary: "I'm eating my weight in ice-cream"

A break up and a lorry load of ice cream, OKAY... maybe less of the lorry.

Lauren's third video diary: "It's my cousin..."

Following Billie's death, Lauren let's loose to Jessica how it's brought back her feelings on Bradley.

Lauren's fourth video diary: "He was possessed"

Lauren opens up to her mate Jess on the weird goings on at the Brannings'.

Check back soon incase we find more secret vids knockin' about...

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