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  1. The countdown of revelations... 7... 6....

    Tuesday 7 September 2010, 21:00

    Claire Claire

    Revelation 7: Mr & Mrs Malloy

    Ryan and Janine actually got married?! Turns out they have bigger hearts than we thought. Even after Janine revealed she went home with another man Ryan still said, "Let's take the risk. Let's get married". What a man. Forgiving and forgetting is rare in Albert Square....

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  2. E20 S2 Episode 1 Starts Tonight!

    Tuesday 7 September 2010, 17:49

    Claire Claire

    Ain't long now. E20 S2 episode 1 will be up on our site very shortly. We're excited! Naz gets lippy. Stevie gets hurt. Sol gets dissed. Asher gets wheeler-dealery. Is that even a word?! Anyhoo... When you've seen it, let us know what you reckon? Who's is fav character? What dya think's gonna happen next...

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  3. EastEnders scores TV Choice brace

    Tuesday 7 September 2010, 17:00

    Lou Lou

    As Walford hots up for a crackin' week of fiery drama, an array of stars have been burning out the red carpet at the TV Choice Awards in London.

    And guess what?

    EastEnders is on fire (literally), as it triumphs with Best Soap upon entering one of it's most dramatic weeks in history.

    Fabulous Lacey Turner...

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  4. Picture gallery: w/c 13 September 2010

    Tuesday 7 September 2010, 01:00

    Rob F Rob F EastEnders Blog Team

    Testing times, quite literally, for the residents of Walford this week. What will be the result of Albert Square's latest daddy dilemma. Tell us what you think.

    Daddy detector

    Ricky is just one of the many Walford residents taking a paternity test this week. Either that or he's the first person able to...

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  5. The countdown of revelations... 10... 9... 8...

    Monday 6 September 2010, 21:30

    Claire Claire

    Revelation 10: Cheating Janine

    Oh Janine, Janine. On the eve of your wedding? How could you? Looks like Kim was right when she said, "Some women are women's women, and some are men's women, and you and me Janice are men's women". Oh, you wise old sage, Kim. Could've got her name right though! So Janine...

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  6. Spolier alert: Janine's hen party shenanigans

    Sunday 5 September 2010, 01:01

    Lou Lou

    What do you get when you cross Ronnie and Bianca? A big blazin' row of course! And Janine's Hen Night is no exception. Lucky Janine.

    It's all fists and fireworks as the celebrations get under way at R&R on Monday night. Whilst Janine gloats about Ryan's sexual abilities, Bi and Ron fight over their fella...

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  7. The Blog of Revelations

    Wednesday 1 September 2010, 12:17

    Claire Claire

    Phew! It's getting hot in here and it ain't cooling down. Next week is jam packed with sizzling (literally) revelations. More intense than Shirley's evil stares. More shocking than Janine's doof doofs. And more revealing than Kim's outfits. After each episode we'll continue to countdown our 'Ten Revelations...

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