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  1. Following on swiftly from success at the British Soap Awards and at the National Television Awards in January, EastEnders triumphed again at the BAFTA TV awards and was named Best Continuing Drama! If you missed the BAFTAs, catch up on all winners at BBC News. And if you're after mo...

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  2. Unless you've been living on the moon you will undoubtedly know that this week the nation comes together to wipe a tear, wave a flag and watch with bated breath as Wills gets hitched to his beloved Kate. To mark this momentous occasion the website proudly unveils an equally breath-taking spectac...

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  3. As new year celebrations kick in around the Square this year, the lives of two new mothers - Kat and Ronnie - and those around them are set to take an unexpected and heartbreaking turn. When Ronnie discovers that her child has died, her world falls apart. In a daze, her distress goes un-noticed ...

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