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Is Kat over the Moon?

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Rob Francis | 00:00 UK time, Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Not only is Kat back in Walford on Thursday 7th June - but she's about to embark in one of EastEnders' biggest storylines this summer!



The Vic's lovable landlady is back behind the bar, but rather than return to a harmonious marriage with Alfie, she soon feels like the spark has fizzled out of her relationship.
Kat tries her best to get some quality time alone with Mr Moon, but he doesn't seem to realise that Kat wants the passion back in their relationship. When Kat doesn't get the attention at home, she finds it hard to resist the temptation to play away when someone else showers her with affection. Kat knows that she has a made a huge own-goal and is ridden with guilt, but even though she desperately tries to call off her affair, she finds her mystery lover impossible to resist.
This long-running storyline will start on screen next month and will leave the audience guessing who Kat's lover could be. There are at least five names in the frame, including a hat-trick Branning brothers! Viewers will be left guessing who Kat's mystery man is, as will the cast and crew. To make sure that the secret is not leaked before the mystery man's identity is revealed, all scenes with Kat's mysterious lover are being filmed with an extra.
Lorraine Newman, Executive Producer revealed, "The consequences are not only great for Kat and Alfie, but also for each individual suspect. The audience will join the cast and crew guessing across the summer and autumn as we eliminate the suspects one at a time, leading to one almighty explosion."

So, who's in the frame?:
Ray Dixon

Currently in a relationship with Kim Fox. Ray had a previous relationship with Bianca years ago and recently found out that he is Morgan's father. Ray is currently the chef in The Vic and his flirty banter has had Kim amongst others in a spin.
Michael Moon

Due to wed Janine Butcher, who is currently pregnant with his child. Michael and Kat have previously had an affair - which led to Tommy Moon. Although Michael has nothing to do with his son, it's possible he still carries a torch for Kat.
Max Branning

Currently living with his ex-wife Tanya and their 3 children. Max has a history of affairs, his most notorious one being with his daughter-in-law Stacey. Although Max seems happy with being back with Tanya, things in the bedroom aren't quite back to normal. Can he ever say no?
Derek Branning

The eldest of the Branning brothers. Derek hasn't had a relationship since he arrived in Walford and knowing Kat likes to live life on the edge, could he be the smooth criminal to put the spark back into her life?
Jack Branning

The sexiest man in soapland has been on the single market for some time since he got divorced from Ronnie. Kat and Jack have always got on well, especially since she was sympathetic to Jack's cause when they realised the truth about Ronnie snatching Tommy - who Jack believed to be his son, James. Jack used to be a womaniser, even sleeping with Ronnie's sister, Roxy, when they split up. Jack will no doubt be up for it.

Like our coverage of the 'Who's Stalking Phil' storyline before Christmas, The official Eastenders website will be following the mystery closely, with plenty of bonus content. But are we out to give you some clues - or red herrings?!


  • Comment number 1.

    Way to go to ruin Such an iconic character and couple even more than you already have done! Why are you so set on destroying Kalfie as a couple since they returned? This is not what the fans want to see! They should never have been brought back if this is all you're doing with them! You've completely changed Kat's character, if this was the same Kat from her first stint she'd never have done this, she loved Alfie more than anything and it torn her apart when she had to sleep with Andy to save Alfie. Youre wrong to keep doing this to them and it's not fair on the fans who invested so much into them in their first stint! It's devastating for us. TAKE NOTE PRODUCERS!!

  • Comment number 2.

    Totally agree with Marie893 - Kat and Alfie are both great characters - all EastEnders has ever done is built a destructive relationship around them after the brilliant way it all started with Alfie standing up to Andy Hunter etc and going to amazing lengths for Kat. Ever since the marriage got underway the scriptwriters have constantly wanted to rip it apart.

  • Comment number 3.

    Get her out of the pub, she's ruining it for everyone. Also this storyline gives new meaning to whodunnit!? I hope she leaves after this storyline, the Kat we all knew and love is gone.

  • Comment number 4.

    WHY???? I really think that the writers and TPTB need to go back and watch old stuff with Kat and Alfie and see and learn what they were all about. This is getting ridiculous. Here I was looking forward to start watching EE again after having lost interested the last 6 months. Way to go to get the audience back to the show. Don't think I'll bother now, knowing that TPTB will keep on ruining the perfect couple that was Kat and Alfie. Thanks for that.

  • Comment number 5.

    I must add my agreement with above comments, Marie893, MikeDiack and Abu_1234.
    The so called 'hot' news about Kat's reappearance on EE charged with a passionate new affair, is utterly ridiculous. I believe, this could well reduce your die-hard TV followers' rate for this soap. PLEASE get a grip and stop spoiling some of these otherwise fantastic episodes and play fair with Kat & Alfie for once!!!!

  • Comment number 6.

    Why can't EE have an iconic couple? The characters could have other storylines/problems where they get through the crisis together. Would it not be a good idea to have one good example of true love? Please rethink this and do not destroy a good thing. Kat and Alfie are wonderful together. Kat has had enough trauma give her a happy life!!!

  • Comment number 7.

    I agree with Marie893, MikeDiack, Abu_1234 and annetrude. Most relationships went wrong because eventually there's a lack off love. But not between Alfie an Kat!!
    Please leave them alone....

  • Comment number 8.

    I agree with the comments. What a ridiculous and out of character storyline, nobody wants this. I was looking forward to Kat coming back as she is my favourite character and I thought she would be written correctly to how she once was. Kat and Alfie are the best iconic couple what is the point in keep ruining them since they have come back. The producers need to watch them in there first stint up to 05 to understand the couple its like they dont get them at all. Kat would never have cheated on Alfie and Alfie would have done anything for Kat. If there must be an affair storyline don't do it on these two as Kat and Alfie aren't about cheating on each other. All the build up to them getting together up to 05 when they left was a waste of time for that to be ruined. The whole idea about them is that they love each other no matter what. I don't really see how the 'consequences are great for Kat and Alfie'. Stop messing with their characters and let them stay together as the couple. Can't really think of how they can get Kat and Alfie back on track as a couple after this unless they split them up completely and start their relationship again by becoming friends first like in 03.

  • Comment number 9.

    I must agree with all the comments so far, I have watched Eastenders from the very beginning and really hate all the nasty story lines , Walford must be the most miserable place on earth no-one is ever happy. Please leave Alfie and Cat alone surely there must be at least one happy couple in Walford

  • Comment number 10.

    Kat and Alfie were great the first time around and I was actually quite excited when they returned but their characters are just going around in circles all the time and it's getting so boring to watch. Can't say I'm excited about this storyline at all.

  • Comment number 11.

    Im actually really excited for this storyline, it sounds interesting and i think alfie suits roxy sooo much better

  • Comment number 12.

    yep kats ruined. i loved her and alfie back in the day and its so sad to see how theyve turned out. so glad i am no longer a fan of them. its such a contrast to the actors who play them though its too funny lol

  • Comment number 13.

    I really cant stress enough at how angry iam at the storyline. I miss the days when Kat and Alfie used to be besotted with eachother, They were the best thing about Eastenders. Why can't the scriptwriters and producers look back and see why Kat and Alfie were so popular - it's because of the chemistry between them and the viewers caring about them enough to want them to be together.

  • Comment number 14.

    Well this is EastEnders of course they got to make loads of story lines and i agree its not fair on kat and alfie . No one on EastEnders are going to be happy anyway

  • Comment number 15.

    Im looking foreward to this ,Kats been ruined for ages and I think Alfie should be with Roxy they would be quite a good couple. I think jacks Kats lover anyway!!!!

  • Comment number 16.

    you all need to grow up kats character has hardly changed that much!!! you got to think when she 1st arrived in the square she was a big flirt and she always has been she always used to sleep with loads of diffrent people she even slept with anthony which was zoe her daughters boyfriend!!! we do not want kat to leave the show i personally think that too many people have left the show in such a short space of time and it did get quite boring as i am a very big eastenders fan i was dissapointed! and i havent tuned in to watch eastenders that much in the last few weeks but now i hear kat is coming home i will be tuning in to see what she has in store for us viewers maybe she might put michael in his place and he will leave poor jean alone!!! plus if your on about kat's character changing maybe you should take more notice that she has had a baby !!!! any body on tv and real life changes after theyve had a child its just making eastender a bit more life like , so stop your moaning and get on with it and leave the producers to do there job!! P.S iv seen in a magazine few times and on the net that sharron watts is meant to be coming back in 2012 when in 2012 is this im dying for her to come back brilliant she is!! P.P.S when will ben go to prison the story line of heathers murder is going on for too long now we all hate ben and want to see him either get killed or tortured or put in prison!!! much love :)

  • Comment number 17.

    why are you always picking on this couple? they have already had so many bad storylines theres no need to tear them apart! i know this is not real and is only a soap but im getting sick of watching disaters happening to them everytime i see them in an episode! if you are going to bring them back bring them back for all the right reasons! dont you think they havent been through enough! its actually really out of order because you dont see other familys in eastenders getting big bad storylines like they have! for what is happening in eastenders lately is making me go off it. i wish that they would let something good happen to them for once! because this is getting ridiculas! and im not over reacting what im doing is being discusted by what they are doing because its not even intrested and im not going to be one of the ones that sit there scratching my head because tbh im not bothered becuase if all they want to do is not bring out some good and happy storylines i will no longer watch this soap! im sure lots of others will agree with me!

  • Comment number 18.

    EASTENDERSFAN isnt there such a thing called character development? phil and max are cheats they have affairs and such but they have been developed enough to say NO kat has had little development she just does the same thing EVERYTIME and it gets boring. we want interesting and complex storylines!

  • Comment number 19.

    also if she has had a baby why is she treating it crap and going off and having affairs? she longed to be a mother yet she is doing this?

  • Comment number 20.

    My point is she stopped her sleeping around when she met Alfie she only wanted him! Why revert back to her old ways after all the time they spent getting them together in the first place! These writters and whoevers idea this storyline was just don't know Kat's character at all simple as that. Maybe you should have tried looking back at old clips before you decided to bring them back then that would have gave you some sort of idea of what Kat/Kalfie are about, people would still be rooting for them as a couple, You've just created ur own version of them since they returned. Kat should not be a hated character and that's what she's turning into!

  • Comment number 21.

    So disappointed cant believe from watching Kalfie the first time round we are being subjected to this crappy rehashed storyline. Tony Jordans creation and carefully thought out character historys explaining who these characters were and why they did the things that they did has been completely forgotten by your writers but not by us the fans. Its our programme please give us the Kalfie we fell in love with not the Kalfie you half heartedly want to churn out its not fair. If this does go ahead can we please just split them up for good cause its ssooo unbearable to watch Alfie be ssoo pathetic and take her back yet again. Let her have her affair and he can make a go of things with Roxy. It just wont be the same they wont be our Golden couple cause Alfie isnt Kats man in the moon and everything about the couple we the fans have invested in means nothing. EE script writers and execs 2011-2012 suck at writing believable Kalfie. Disgusted and switching to Corrie!

  • Comment number 22.

    Well, I have a feeling it's someone who has left Eastenders, but is going to come back though. I have a feeling that it's Sean. I want him to come back so much! He was amazing. Other than that, it also could be Phil. He could have an affair with Kat and Sharon's coming back also so it links together. I really wanted EastEnders to do another Whodunnit. So I think this is quite good. However, I used to watch EastEnders when I was really young and Kat and Alfie were in it and they were like the BEST couple on the Square and the way they left the Square, it was beautiful! Then, when they came back, their spark had gone and they weren't such a good couple anymore. I just wish they could go back to being the way they used to in their early years together.

  • Comment number 23.

    And what Michael is doing with Jean, I think Sean should definitely come and help her out. It would be so amazing. Sean could come in and say "Hello Ma." DUFF DUFF. lol.

  • Comment number 24.

    These people saying get Alfie with Roxy...they'll never be that iconic couple Kat and Alfie once were if they were put together no matter what. Kat and Alfie are made for eachother their love story shown that in their first stint. Just stop the messing around with them, Give them a baby of their own and let us see the Kalfie we all fell in love with in the first place.

  • Comment number 25.

    No .. it's none of the Branning clan (certainly not Derek :-).
    Bbc are just being cheeky with the 5 names mentioned .. it's none of them...

    It's Ian Beale .. the cheeky monkey !! :-).

    (but Alf + Kat will grow old together, i'm sure of that).

  • Comment number 26.

    By the way .. the longer this storyline plays out .. the more i hear a very heartbreaking 'Julia's Theme' coming on after the summer .. Make it a good one Bbc ! (just like the Jim-to-Dot marriage proposal one in the London-eye 10 years ago .. my god i shead a tear when i saw that). It will surely keep the ratings up .. like always !.

  • Comment number 27.

    Comes across as a cheap and easy storyline, and fits the characters progression about as well as a square peg in a round hole. I have been watching Eastenders from the beginning but have no interest in the current dramas and even less in the future. Why bother bringing Kat back at all if this is the best you can manage to do with the character.

  • Comment number 28.

    Kat might have changed after she married Alfie but she when they returned it was different - she was pregnant with Michael's baby, when the baby died she made a pass at Michael, she had a one night stand. Kat's never happy, never appreciates what she has in Alfie. She treats Alfie badly. Alfie would be better off with Roxy. I hope Jack isn't her other man - he's too attractive and classy for her. I hope it's Derek. Max won't cheat on Tany again - I hope! I think that the fact that she's had a baby is a stupid reason - yes people's lives change when they have a baby and they change but they don't start having affairs, in fact you'd think she'd be too busy with a baby and running a pub to even have time to have an affair lol. P.s. I never liked Kat and I still don't. I never thought of Kalfie as an iconic couple, always thought Alfie was too good for her. There is one couple who've got a pretty good relationship - Chryed - sure they've had problems but they're solid again and I hope they stay together for a long time at least.

  • Comment number 29.

    And why does she treat him badly? Its because these writers have written her to be this way! She always appreciated him in their first stint and back then she never would have even dreamed of sleeping with Alfie's cousin. The writing is were they are going wrong with her simple as. They need Tony Jordon back because these writers have not got a clue end of.

  • Comment number 30.

    kat didnt really change much when she married alfie. not including the andy thing as she didnt want that but she had a one night stand with a guy in november 04.

  • Comment number 31.

    Off topic: i just read that Sharon is coming back later this year (bit late i know), wow .. can't wait !!.
    Hope it will be another 'Allo Princess' moment on the square .. but my guess is that it will be more like 'Allo Phil' now (another doof doof moment for sure !).
    Now bring back Kathy Beale (from the dead) as well .. and give Dot another great storyline as well .. and i'll be happy for years to come (but hey, i'm always happy with Eastenders to start with).

  • Comment number 32.

    I feel sorry for Alfie i think kats going to be seeing Jack for sure

  • Comment number 33.

    i'm disgusted and E/E script writers what used to be a good family show is know taking on roll a a bad comedy there was a time when they used to research before indulging ina script seems like those days have passed this new story line with cat is going way o.t.t. anyone know that a abusive women of her nature does not go looking for passion and would be as strong minded as they make kat out to be, kats strength his generated from alfie who is her securty and protecter take that away she will becvome weak and submissive so eastenders writers not only are you ruina perfectly good couple but you also ruining the charcter or Kat i reckon you should go back and do some investigating before you loose all your followers all together, i do realise its only tv but if you wnat to portray something asa real life story then i say get your bloody facts right!!!

  • Comment number 34.

    I may be the only person that is unhappy that Kat has returned, Her and Alfie have nothing left to offer the show, and lets face it, Kat having an affair is less than shocking. Jesse Wallace is an excellent actress don't get me wrong but its a mistake to think that she can come back as Kat and have the same impact as the Slater's had in the beginning.. We are a bit tired of her getting drunk, sleeping around and basically bemoaning her relationship.....Its as big a mistake as trying to re capture the Bianca Ricky story, and look how THAT turned out..

    There is wealth of talent out there that the Eastenders team could be utilizing, and a wealth of talent already under used in the show... Maybe, they are afraid and stick to the same old same old to keep the awards coming in, who knows..

  • Comment number 35.

    Oh just to add, I cant believe I read that "Sharon" may be coming back, Eastenders is a massive show with a massive audience, its not dying and needing to rehash an old formula to bring in the viewers... Let us see more of Tam, let us see more of Derek, develop the characters you have and bring in brand new one's.. no one can ever go back and our tastes have changed.

  • Comment number 36.

    Slightly off topic but speak for yourself Nelly. Your tastes may have changed but I think most viewers can't wait to see Sharon again. Yes, more Tam and Derek please but if it means less of the silly tweenies, Whitney and Tyler, then I'll all for bringing "oldies" back.

    Back to Kat - this character has been destroyed beyond belief. Should have left in 2005 and stayed away living the dream with Alfie.

  • Comment number 37.

    As much as I really like Eastenders I CANNOT stand the current story line Michael is a complete and utter slime ball and should NOT be making Jean out to be a psycho. She is a lovely character and shouldn't be made to suffer about it. I really hope Michael pays for what he has done or eventually owns up to what he has done!!

  • Comment number 38.

    I have to agree with the other comments (marie873..etc) as ee has seem to have not taken the older storylines into equation. New storylines which do not equal the characters, i mean kat and alfie were strong until this new 'writer' came along and changed all the characters personalities. EE is a massive dissapointment and doesnt seem to stress everyday life but almost encourage that its normal for all these divorces, fires, affaires and suicide missions. EE is becoming sick, im starting to get fed up of these new storylines which drag on for months and are (said by myself and many others i know) boring, and almost encourage people to do stupid things rather than try to stop them! i think at this rate i would prefer to stop the new EE (for saftey of others etc) and continue with the old ones, or for the new writer to actually study ee history and get rid of the dragging, negative story lines. Sort it out eastenders, for your and the viewers own good.

  • Comment number 39.

    @Candice: come on !! What would EE be without 'things going wrong' sometimes ?.
    The ratings would drop dramatically if 'everything was fine'.. don't you agree ?.
    It's a 'Soap' for God's sakes and a Soap wants people clustered to the Tv !.
    (and that's why we love it .. all 10+ million of us every week !).
    As for old and new characters + storylines: a lot of 'old-skool' EE fans want Sharon back for sure (Letitia Dean is great !) .. but some other 'newer-generation' watchers may have to learn her online character .. well be prepared: Letitia Dean (and the Sharon character) is great !. EE should always be a mix of 'Old-Skool' characters combined with the newbies !.

  • Comment number 40.

    I agree with react010 EastEnders would be boring if evreything was good & everyone was happy its entertainment seeing fires,affairs(not always),divorces well its entertainment to me.

  • Comment number 41.

    kat should have an affair with ray as jack and max are the bait choices an you wouldnt expect her to get with ray as kim is like her best friend and that way ray will get a juicy storyline and have more dun with his character

  • Comment number 42.

    OMG 41 negative comments on this ridiculous storyline. Listen to the fan feedback EE will you? It was a coup to get Shane and Jessie to reprise the roles the least you can do is write good scripts. Why are you turning Alfie from cheeky chappy to snivelling pet dog and Kat from tart with a heart to a heartless wife with no morals? Come on EE get the thinking caps on and over turn this crazy carnage of this loveable walford couple. PLEASE the fans dont want this. PLEASE listen to our feedback!

  • Comment number 43.

    I agree with the comments above. Kat and Alfie have been through hoops to get where they are and after everything she has been through I can't believe that she would do this to Alfie and tommy. She loves her family, and this affair is crazy. Sack the writers and bring in people who know the characters background and know how to write better lines. Eastenders is going downhill rapidly.

  • Comment number 44.

    I fail to see why anyone would care so much as to write an essay in relation to a fictional, I repeat FICTIONAL television programme.
    Yeah, sure, they are both 'loved' 'national treasures' but it's NOT REAL. So please, everyone, just keep it in your pants. Thanks.

  • Comment number 45.

    kyloemlo why you on an ee website then ?

  • Comment number 46.

    Kyloemlo, wind your neck in! Thanks.

  • Comment number 47.

    Can't wait for Kat to leave EE. The character has run completely out of steam. She keeps going round in circles and has sucked the life out of the Vic. What was once the heart of the show when Peggy Mitchell was the landlady, is nothing more than a damp squib now with Kat in charge.
    I miss Peggy and Ronnie Mitchell. Those were strong and feisty women.
    Kat is a pantomime. The sooner she goes the better. She has put me off the programme completely. I hope this is her exit storyline.
    I hope Jack is not the mystery man either. Jack's character wouldn't touch someone like Kat with a barge pole beyond a drunken one night stand mistake.


  • Comment number 48.

    Yeah I know it's a program but it's great and it means it hooks you of you look on here it's not a bad thing and honestly I think that maybe Kay will have an affair and can't stop it's cos she's being blackmailed but she's a strong woman and maybe it will be like Archie and Stacey shell knock him with a heavy object and yes and I know his not on her but think it should be Ian and I know there will be comments aout this one but I say to all the people who are saying noo that's terrible ect just let the haters hate ( just had to say that lol) xxx

  • Comment number 49.

    I am so over Kat. Just get her out and give Alfie to Roxy. And I can not wait for Sharon to come back. Just seen the spoilers with Phil they look freaking amazing.

  • Comment number 50.

    Awful storyline... Long term viewers remember the history of characters, shame thats not shared by the writers!! Such a shame Kat and Alfie have been brought back and ruined when there was such potential to continue the story of this couple who went through so much orginally to be together... Oh and if its another Big affair for Max I give up!

  • Comment number 51.

    Kat may be over the Moon and being a Moon but the fans want Kalfie togetherness. Which we havent had any of since they returned to be honest. The writers can sling her hook outta walford and Alfie can move Roxy in. Cant express how mad this affair storyline has made me. The one night stand was cringe worthy but there is NO comeback from this. The characters have sssooo much potential and at every turn EE rehash and destroy past character history. Where they hell is Tony Jordan? He is the only one that can save these iconic characters from going to the dogs or being dogs. He always said Kat was brash and a tart with a heart but shes now just rude and has shown Alfie not one ounce of respect. Can EE exec producer please sit the writers down and read old Tony Jordan Kalfie scripts to remember what they are about and get back to a ratings high. SORT IT OUT!!!!

  • Comment number 52.

    Just a brain wave why not bring in a new actress to play Zoe pref not Michelle Ryan.
    That means you could scrap the affair storyline and have Zoe in trouble and Kalfie helping her, bringing them closer together and more like a real married couple which since they came back they havent been at all. They act more like lodgers than man and wife. Its SIMPLES like the meerkat says.

  • Comment number 53.

    Like alot of the others on the site i'm really anoyed at what they are doing to alfie and Kat, there was not point in bringing them back if all they were going to do was wrek the charters for the audience. I used to really enjoy the show and characters. It's going down hill for me if what they are doing for story lines now are tormenting characters like Jean for example, and ruining all the good characters relationships and chemistery.
    I hope someone from the show reads this so they can get it back to the show i enjoyed and it used to be.

  • Comment number 54.

    I am really, really, REALLY making an effort to like this 'new' Kat, I really am! But every time I come close to possibly taking a liking to her, something like this is thrown at us. I want 2005 Kat back!!

  • Comment number 55.

    Come on everyone. 2005 Kat was 7 years ago, everyone changes. Kat will always be the firece woman and will always be. If your all Eastenders fans you will respect the directors decsions. It isnt your choice. You think their gonna listen to you? and fyi cant you see Alfie is kinda into Roxy? Get a grip and realise Kat and Alfie arent as strong as they were and need space. Marie your just a joke putting that up. Im a super Eastenders fan and this choice will bring suspiciouness to the audience, crew and cast! If you dont like it, dont watch it. Simple as.

  • Comment number 56.

    I've watched EE from the start and Kat has always been a bit of a girl. Her fist scene was coming home from a night on the tiles on the back of a milk float. A leopard never changes it's spots. Her and Alfie were happy for a long time but she needs the passion and if it isn't happening in her marriage, the old Kat would go find it somewhere else.

    My issue would be more with the unlikely lot they lined up as the suspects. I can't believe Kat would go near any of them. I know she had that thing with Michael in the past but surely after what he's done to Jean there's no chance.

    It won't be that much of a surprise as the only one of that bunch that would be credible is Jack Branning, I just wonder why it took so long for it to happen.

    Filming her with an extra? That won't be so good to watch with it pieced together, I mean surely the crew will find out anyway when they do the filming of the man involved?

    Must admit, I'd prefer Kat and Alfie to do the happy ever after thing too, but Shane is leaving as far as I heard.

  • Comment number 57.

    caity2000123456789 i dont think alfie is that into roxy. i think she reminds him of the type of relationship he used to have with kat. they used to be fun, flirty and were generally happy. roxy is everything kat used to be

  • Comment number 58.

    ^ where did you hear that? i doubt it but i wish haha

  • Comment number 59.

    Shane isn't leaving, so I don't know where you've heard that lol

  • Comment number 60.

    If its case of 'don't like don't watch it simple as' then I reckon Eastenders would be loosing a lot of viewers cos there's more people that don't like this storyline than there is that do! And how am I a joke for putting that up everyones entitled to their opinion I'm just saying what I think of the storyline just like you have done!

  • Comment number 61.

    RE: COMMENT 10.25 7TH JUNE . I did not post this comment, i don't know how it got there, i thought i was the only person with the user name EENDERS FAN. apparently not !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Comment number 62.

    Not that big a fan doofdoof!

    "Her fist scene was coming home from a night on the tiles on the back of a milk float. A leopard never changes it's spots. Her and Alfie were happy for a long time but she needs the passion and if it isn't happening in her marriage, the old Kat would go find it somewhere else."

    Her first scene was with the rest of the Slaters coming outta the removal van actually. And the old Kat was always banging on about not wanting to be Kat Slater anymore and how Alfie had changed all that. Brighton eppy springs to mind she doesnt want to be that person and EE are dragging her back to where she was 2000-2003 well 6 months into 2003 pre fancying Alfie era. And as for Shane i wouldnt be surprised if he wanted to leave but that is false that he is actually leaving.

    "i dont think alfie is that into roxy. i think she reminds him of the type of relationship he used to have with kat. they used to be fun, flirty and were generally happy. roxy is everything kat used to be"

    Totally agree monalisa.

  • Comment number 63.


    its such a shame to see Kat and Alfie as they are now. They were such brilliant characters separately, Kats was fun loving and always battling against the odds. FIERCELY LOYAL (take note writers) and passionate in her causes. And Alfies cheeky wheeler deeler happy go lucky attitude. Whilst i realise everyone grows up and every relationship goes through difficult patches, where they get bored and loose the spark, but people get over it in the real world, why cant Kat and Alfie? I get that they have been together forever and Kat was a tearaway and a flirt, but she only had eyes for Alfie, who made her feel like a million dollars even though she felt worthless inside. She was the damsel in distress despite her outward demeanour, and he was her knight in shining armor, ready to be everything she needed. THIS is what made Eastenders great for a while, THIS is what us die hard fans loved about Kat and Alfie, they had such chemistry and FUN! poor Alfie just looks depressed all the time now and Kat has a face like a slapped arse! What they need is a good old arguement to ignite the passion and be back to the way they were! Why cant the writers and producers keep them together? i understand life isn't a fairytale and nor should theres be, so yes they should have some difficult times, but cant they just get through it and be stronger than ever? becasue she is tough and determined enough for both of them, and he is devoted. that is why we love them, that is why we root for them and that is why they work so well together. i really dont want Kat to have an affair AGAIN. How dull and so obviously easy. ANYONE could think of that! seriously, its something Hollyoaks would do.

    And what about after the afair, what then? they obviously have to split up. how terrible to ruin such a perfect couple that us die hard fans love, and who made us excited again about EE when we heard of their return. Now i wonder what was the point. I guess now you guys have gone to far and they only hope for them now is that something major has to hapen to make them realise what they have in each other? I was hoping for a storyline that Alfie gets Kat preganant, even though he was certain he couldn't?

    I really do hope that the writers and producers do read this, otherwise what is the point of this page?

    PS what is wrong with Roxy? She seems to only like married men, especially if they happen to belong to her sister! what a skank. now SHE is a character who would have the on going affair, not Kat. Sure Kats a flirt but thats it. And thats the point of Kat, she was always about the show, she always had a front to protect her because she was actually very vulnerable, but she wouldn't let anyone see, wouldn't let them have the upper hand. We can all identify with that. It would be great to see kat and alfie flirt again, and get some of that chemistry back!!!

    Please dont let Roxy and Alfie get together, Roxy isn't worthy

  • Comment number 64.

    no i dont believe Roxy is everything Kat used to be, whilst i do see a similarity. I also dont blame him for havoing his haed turned. Kat keeps cheating, and seeing the way Roxy looks at him, it makes him feel wanted again. But what (i hope) he really wanst, is for KAt to look at him that way again.


  • Comment number 65.

    PS I love the michael and jean story line, just hope it doesn't go on too long, so boooring when EE doesa that!


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