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Photo spoiler: Never a dull Mo-ment!

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Katy R | 10:00 UK time, Tuesday, 8 May 2012

In deep water

Alfie is messing around with his new flatmate Roxy when Mo arrives home. Oh, how pleased she will be to be greeted with a face full of water?! And how will she feel about Miss Mitchell living under her roof?

Mo and Alfie

Bloomin' lovely

Aw, are we seeing Derek's softer side here? Who has he splashed the cash on - and will they be pleased to see him?



On shaky ground


As Ben's confession sinks in Ian is distraught. Will he turn away from little bro Ben, keep his secret, hand him in, or help him with the cover-up?!

Ben and Ian

Sign of the times

While Kim's trying (and failing) to bond with Sasha, she has a surprise visitor - an olympic official. What does he want with her?

Kim and Sasha

Brand new Branning!

Alice is invited into the heart of the Brannings' - Max and Tanya's - to meet the family. Unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, she walks into a big barny *sigh*. The question is, where's Derek?

Cora, Lauren, Alice, Max and Jack

Smothered with love

A distraught Phil realises he just can't live without Shirley. He decides to tell her (while she's having a nap!?) but will she believe him?

Phil and Shirley



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