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Episode discussion for week starting 7 May

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Nickie | 08:00 UK time, Monday, 7 May 2012

Make sure you have your say about this week’s episodes…

There’s a new girl in town. Time for Derek to test his family values?

Lauren’s night out goes too far. What would you do if you were Lucy?

Whitney and Tyler have baby blues. Are they right for each other?

Carol, Morgan and Tiffany prepare to leave. Should Ray let his son go?

Discuss these topics and anything else about this week’s eps that tickles your fancy in the comments section below….


  • Comment number 1.

    first to comment and it is my first time to comment yes carol should not take morgan away ray should do something but its unfair on tiffany she has no one to stop carol and derek should be careful alice is coming into the wonderland i know stupid :) love ya enders

  • Comment number 2.

    if i were lucy i would make sure lauren could have a good time but it would stop her killing her self and getting her into trouble like a friend but max and tanya asked for it i say so its both of them they sould be careful of what they say to her

  • Comment number 3.

    No way should a Greek man have a Turkish flag in his shop....you have got it wrong wrong wrong and its an insult....Mr Papadopoulos is supposed to be Greek! If he came in as Turkish, we would not be having this conversation and that would be right.....how ignorant are your set designers?

  • Comment number 4.

    My post is not about any of the above but on a completely different note. I wonder about the research that is done when creating new characters? You have a new character, Dino? He is supposed to be the son or nephew of Mr Papadopoullos who is Greek and owns the launderette. This makes Dino Greek, yet in his kebab shop (stereotyping once again), he has a postcard flag of Turkey. If the researchers had done their job they would know that a greek person would not be flying a turkish flag especially not since 1974 when Turkey invaded Cyprus. It is deeply offensive to all greek cypriots who lost their loved ones, their homes and their land. I would appreciate it if you could remove this symbol or change the character to a turkish kebab owner.

  • Comment number 5.

    phil & shirley are ruined now. how are we supposed to take him seriously when he's drunk? :( shirley is such a mug!!!!!!!!! linda's talents have been wasted for the mitchells. i wouldnt blame her if she is leaving

  • Comment number 6.

    @LadyNorthLondon and k0062 - thanks for your posts. if you'd like to make a complaint you can do so here bbc.co.uk/complaints

  • Comment number 7.

    I am absolutely disgusted at the mistake Eastenders have made regarding Nico Papadopoulos. After all these years of watching the soap and waiting for a Greek or Greek Cypriot character I cannot believe you have made such an offensive error! With so many Greek, Cypriot and Turkish settlers in the UK it is beyond me how you could have got this wrong. You are appearing extremely anti Hellenic. You need to fix it and apologise very quickly!

  • Comment number 8.

    please stop with the kabab owner thing ok its offencive but come on the made a mistake live with it there sorry
    make a complaint here bbc.co.uk/complaints

  • Comment number 9.

    Thank you Nickie, I have complained: it could not have possibly been a mistake as the actor playing 'Nicos' is in fact Turkish Cypriot, which we do not have a problem with: HE should have known what he was doing: last week's episode did NOT have those postcards, so why put them there in the main scenes? Someone is not telling us the whole picture.

  • Comment number 10.

    I find it very offensive that Eastenders seem to have done no research of the current Greek character Nico! I understand that the actor himself is Turkish Cypriot and I have no Problem with this, but I'm sure he would have known the offence this would cause the Greek Cypriot community by displaying so provocatively the Turkish flag - something no Greek Cypriot would do especially with regards to the recent history between the two communities... I would urge the BBC to rectify this immediately.

  • Comment number 11.

    Am I watching an episode of Hollyoaks?. Yesterday and today have been about the young people of Walford and it is boirng me to death...

  • Comment number 12.

    dont say that sandie enders is the best!!!!!!!! talk to me plz

  • Comment number 13.

    @Sandie ok some can make you go to sleap xxxxXXXXxxxx no offence enders Janine is a great character u love her you should do a on set whith charlie brooks i would love that is the baby going to be a boy or a girl say hi to charlie brooks for me PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep it radio 1

  • Comment number 14.

    I fully agree with the above comments- for the Greek/Greek Cypriot community, it is very disrespectful to us to see that the BBC have allowed (whether by mistake or on purpose) the Turkish flag to be shown on premises supposedly belonging to a GREEK character. Why not any other country of world? Am I to believe that the Eastenders production team are oblivious to the 1974 Turkish invastion of Cyprus? For a lot of Greeks in the UK, this is a very sensetive subject.

    @Kitty: Maybe if you or your family suffered the horrors and tortures during the 1974 invasion, you would understand why many people are angry.

  • Comment number 15.

    Just want to say how excellent Jaqueline Jossa is playing her storyline at the moment. As being a person that has been through the same kind of situation i can really relate what "Lauren" is going through and for once saw in someone else what people saw in me. Well done Jaqueline and thanks

  • Comment number 16.

    Does Nico have a Greek Mother & Father, when did they say that? You know what Dot is like, she couldn't even get his name right- let alone his nationality. Also why can't he have received post cards from Turkish friends or other relatives. Not everyone from Greece stays there 100% of the time! Maybe there is another family business in Turkey, that other relatives run. If he sent them post cards with a UK flag on, does that make him British? LOL

  • Comment number 17.

    @clairedespair - If his name is Nico Papadopoulos then it is 100% sure that his father is of Greek origin, no other nationality has that surname just as say Claire is a British name 90% of the time. No Greek would display a Turkish flag alone in his/her business, unless accompanied by other international flags. This was a deliberate fingers up to all Greeks by the Turkish Cypriot actor, winding the community up, nothing more...its disgusting that the production team allowed him to do this as he would have known how hurtful this would be.

  • Comment number 18.

    It could easily be that Nico's mother is suppose to be from Turkey & got no say in naming him. I doubt they would employ an actor who is from both countries unless there was some reason to it, there are many Greek actors. But what you are saying is he should have to deny any Turkish part of himself, just because others may remember a time long ago when that country acted wrongfully. There are many countries that imperial Britain invaded & abused, if people from those countries were to blame me for that- I would be offended. I don't agree with any type of war & was completely against the Iraq war or killing of any kind human + animal. April 25th marked the start of a bloody WWI battle, in which many Turkish lost their lives & although unlikely it could have been in memory of those lost.

  • Comment number 19.

    @Clairedespair The actor playing Nicos Papadopoulos is Aykut Hilmi. Aykut is of Turkish Cypriot descent. I'm not sure if you may have confused the actor with his role. The fact a Turkish person is playing a Greek part is not the problem. The problem is that Turkish symbols and culture are appearing on a Greek role. Much like they now appear on the currently occupied part of North Cyprus. Anyone with the slightest knowledge on the matter can see how provocative this is. This is at the very least a racial misrepresentation that can lead to many misconceptions. Respectfully Claire it is extremely frustrating having to try and justify our complaints to someone that clearly doesn't know enough about the subject to comment fairly. To explain this to you would take pages...This is nothing to do with asking Aykut to deny his origins or blaming him for political situations. This is not about lashing out on the Turkish community, this is about the mockery being made of the Greek one.
    Regarding your theory about WWI, it was a world war meaning people lost their lives from many regions, including Greece so the Turkish flag appearing for that reason would make no sense!

  • Comment number 20.

    DITTO to Natalia, bravo, couldn't have put it better myself, Greeks have no problem with Aykut playing a Greek, after all Anthony Quinn played the most famous Greek that of Zorba, and he was Mexican! - this just shows how truly ignorant the British public are of the situations around the world and that is precisely way a Turkish flag should not represent a Greek shop owner, great showing the Turkish flag if he was Turkish, we would not even be discussing this but he is supposed to be Greek for goodness sake! Let us try & make this clearer for people it is not 'credible' not 'correct' that a Turkish flag is in a Greek owners shop, its like a slap in the Greek communities face and ever single Turkish & Greek person & those who are educated in the world knows that: except the set designers of Eastenders obviously...

  • Comment number 21.

    I think the show is very good just now, can't wait for the conclusion to the Ben/Heather story line. has been going on for just a bit too long, also think the topoic of teenage/binge drinking is being held very well, Jaqueline Jossa is portraying it brilliantly, just look at our streets every week end.

  • Comment number 22.

    I'm sorry but we have been overrun by those from all nations here, with millions of asylum seekers. I am in no way racist, but even I see what this has done to our culture. We have a multi-cultural society forced on us & many of them hate us. Some coming here display their own flags & burn ours. Our country use to be a holy (moral/stable) one until taking in foreigners from every country & accommodating all their needs above our own. Though this is touted as compassion, we know it's for the economy. To make the country more productive, we lost a moral compass long ago. If this was me, I would have employed someone of the same culture & made that known. But as usual they probably just employed the person they prefered the look of.

    Need I remind you that people can change their name. I changed mine by deedpol to Pacino, but I'm totally British. I wanted a break from the name of my father who was a violent alcoholic. A name means nothing & I doubt he is 'pure' Turksih.

    In WWI Turkey was invaded, granted they did side with Germany- but then again so did many at that point. If you want to talk about invading of countries then you need to remember that others have been. And the ancestors of those people tend to remember them on certain days, just like UK does.

    Turkey did what it did to remain an influential power, much like UK invaded Iraq to remain a stronger force. It's obviously wrong, but that is the greed of humanity.

    Eastenders producers may have known the flags were wrong, but these days they would probably have been accused of racism if they said anything. Or it may simply have been a deliberate attempt to show that this character is definitely not racist in any way.

  • Comment number 23.

    Oh boy...I give up Claire, I really give up you have taken it to another level, a level so low that not even I would contemplate in wasting my time explaining it to you. Best of luck with the rest of your life dear girl, I'm sure your intentions are good really.

  • Comment number 24.

    I'm defo not a girl, but a mature woman who has seen enough of life to know their are more serious issues than the display of flags! It's also rather odd that their seem to be so many posters talking the same talk- 1 poster pretending to be many perhaps! If you get so het up over the issue of a flag, how do you do a day! Unless you are retired & just looking for time wasting activities. I'm sure you could spend the litte time we are given on earth a little wiser. If all are like you & can't see anyone else's point of view, it's no wonder eastenders tried to make out you are not like that.

  • Comment number 25.

    Oh my god Claire You are so far off topic. You may be a mature woman but you are completely uneducated on the matter and quite frankly considering it doesn't effect you in any way I don't understand your persistence. The attempt to insult us for raising this issue is pathetic considering you are also here, spending your time. Had the British had the same mentality that you do in the WWs it is very likely you would be flying a German flag right now! And believe me that would be a big deal!
    We are NOT the same person. I am a young half Greek Cypriot, half British woman. My career requires me to have good knowledge of Greek, Arabian and Turkish culture and history so if me actually belonging to one of those ethnicities wasn't enough I think it's safe to say I know what I am talking about.

    We are not being anti British here, we are not even being anti Turkish! We are defending our honour, heritage and culture as we have for thousands of years from many but repeatedly, most recently and currently from the Turkish government and military. Do I need to explain to you that had we of decided to not be fussed about "a flag" Hellenism would have been wiped out a long time ago!

    In response to your reference of asylum seekers, Greeks do NOT belong in this category! We are members of the European Union ad those of us that choose to make a life in the UK pay for it by working! Do your research and you will see we are one of the most contributing ethnic minorities in the UK. Needless to say, do you have any idea how many Brits immigrate to Cyprus, across the Greek islands and Greece?! However this is of course another irrelevant thing you have bought up because it has nothing to do with our complaint!

    I have no idea why you mention whether the actor is pure Turkish or not because once more we DO NOT CARE what race the actor is! From what I know he is half Turkish Cypriot and half Italian...does that make any difference to the role he is playing? NO!

    Once again the theory that Eastenders allowed just any flag to be displayed in fear of appearing racist regardless of it's relevance is laughable!

    It is not racist to not want the flag of any other country, especially one you are in conflict with representing your culture! It is as natural as a mother loving her child! It wasn't a row of different flags. It was singular and it had a message! And the message was a nasty one!

    If you wish to interfere please research the material and get your facts straight as Eastenders should have!

  • Comment number 26.

    Why am I unable to post any comments regarding the web cams, it has ended on the 2nd page and the message is it is closed, can someone advise me please. thank you.

  • Comment number 27.

    I did NOT say Greeks were asylum seekers, did I! You are off again making wild assumptions, through lack of understanding. You should be careful this is how wars start & lives are lost. I think you will find to every conflict there is a peaceful solution, it may take more resources- but going the extra mile to show respect pays off. You have already proved an education doesn't buy you a way of understanding others! You don't know there's not a genuine reason to have it there & many didn't even know his name was Nico. It's a good job this is just a soap, attitudes like those who assume sinister overtones tend to get innocent people killed.

  • Comment number 28.

    It's a flipin post card, who said it's representing Greek culture! I'm in England & not technically Irish but I had Irish flags in my room, even when there was violent conflict with Ireland. You can't tarnish everyone from a country with the same brush.

  • Comment number 29.

    For goodness sake people, get a life, it is a soap and the postcard could be from anyone, I have friends of all nationalities and persuasions and have cards from all over the world on my board at home. it is not a flag they are flying it is a flipping post card. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Comment number 30.

    endersfan- you are right the webcam comments are closed. Surely they should have just deleted comments over 2 weeks old & keept it open. It was nice seeing if anything had happened, I know someone has done a facebook page- but it was good getting others views too.

  • Comment number 31.

    You have raised so many unnecessary issues. You are the one that randomly brought up asylum seekers and so I was trying to understand the relevance as I am also trying to understand why it's important how many people knew the character's name.

    Believe me I am not the kind of person that encourages wars. You have gone so far it's ridiculous. Our complaint is not unpeaceful, the display of that flag/postcards was and you are clearly not going to be able to understand why. There is not going to be a reasonable explanation. We are not tarnishing anyone! You have completely missed the point!

    Considering we are actually Greek we would probably have a better idea of what does and doesn't represent us, what should or shouldn't be around us and what is and isn't believable! We are the ones that need to be understood here!

    Let's watch this space and see what Eastenders decides to do about it, whether the postcards or the character vanishes all together or whether they manage to write a realistic explanation into the storyline and hopefully you will realize something.

  • Comment number 32.

    natalia_olivia - The issue seems to be that you are so absorbed by your own agenda, you can't see that not everything is specifically about you or Greece! I would not normally be so confrontational about this, but you are asking for it!

  • Comment number 33.

    could evryone just get back to the topic of this actual post about this week now.

  • Comment number 34.

    This week fatboy suggested to Afia/Tamwar the restaurant theme of cowboys & indians. Eastenders is not suppose to be believeable is it? Could you ever imagine someone doing that in real life?

  • Comment number 35.

    @EENDERSFAN - hi there. comments close after a certain number of days have passed. we will find a solution to this as soon as we can.

    thank you all for your comments on this post. again if you have complaints the best way to get it to the right people is to make an official complaint through bbc.co.uk/complaints

  • Comment number 36.

    You are so naive you think the Turkish postcard was put there as a strange coincidence! Although there are Greek and Turkish people in London that overcome the issue and form friendships both sides are aware of the tensions. A Turkish person would not give a Greek person a Turkish postcard to display in their workplace without intending to offend and a Greek person would never accept to!

    I've been specifically talking about this one issue throughout which is about Greece, Cyprus and all Hellenic people! I am not interested in anything else! You are the one that decided to start telling us how we should feel!

    I will happily bet my life that there is not a chance in hell that actor did not know it would generate complaints, controversy and offend! As a community we are smart enough to know this and that is why we are pissed off!

    It's so simple! Why don't you try and go and place a Christian or Hellenic symbol in a Turkish place and see what reaction you get! Last time a Greek person tried to touch a Turkish flag on my island, Cyprus, he got shot in the neck by the Turkish military and died. He was an unarmed civilian who was acting out of despair after watching his unarmed cousin get slaughtered by the same military group for peacefully protesting for the freedom of Cyprus! All this was broadcast LIVE on TV! I along with the rest of my nation watched in horror and shock! So there was no room for cover ups or assumptions! Straight hard facts!

    I could even send you some clips! All over this occupied part of the island Turkish flags are illegally displayed! Our beautiful land has become a zone that is not legally recognized by anywhere else in the world other than Turkey! Are you capable of being able to see the offense the Turkish flag causes us now?!!!!!

  • Comment number 37.

    @nickie thank you and I have made an official complaint. This is exactly why correct research and representation are important because otherwise it can lead to offensive ignorance by viewers which becomes hard to ignore

  • Comment number 38.

    natalia_olivia - I'm afraid you are very ignorant. This issue of countries demonising their rival is nothing new. They inevitably make out every act the other does is in spite & that every act they do is saintly. You will not get a rise out me I'm afraid, it's pathetic. Hopefully new generations will eventually learn to overcome this insane selfish human trait. Just maybe Nico is suppose to be such a person, if so at least eastenders got something right!

  • Comment number 39.

    If you live in UK, where this soap is from- you would realise we hate ethnic intolerance. What you see as a Turk acting in spite, is most likely a Brit putting it there to avoid encouraging bigots like you.

  • Comment number 40.

    oh yeaah phil dont care about shirley LOL :P as if.

    amazing ep by pete lawson again. he's a genius

  • Comment number 41.

    some of the questions on the quiz for this week are for next week. sort it out grr

  • Comment number 42.

    I don't get what Max's problem with Jay is. Lauren is an unhealthy, irresponsible, vunerable teenager. Being her father, why is he apparently more, or at least just as, concerned about the Jay/Abbey relationship than/as he is with Lauren's drinking problem? What kind of father is he?

  • Comment number 43.

    Steven MacFadden proved last night that he is one of the best actors in the show, the Phil/Ben/Jay scenes were great, as were Jay's scenes with Abi and Max. I can't help thinking that Jay and Abi are in for troubled waters though..

    I quite enjoyed Derek's scenes with Alice but I hope he doesn't become too soft around his family, as it might spoil his character a little.

    It was nice to see Christian and Syed again, still happy and in love - and with Yasmin too - but once again their screentime is abysmal, their scenes being so brief last night I wondered why Tyler and Whitney needed to be in the episode at all - the 2 minutes given to them should have been given to Christian and Syed. Brain Kirkwood really did seem to favour the younger cast members over the 30-40 age group and I dread the possibility that Lorraine Newman won't be any different.

    I loved Tam and Afia when they first got together - Tam was a geek and Afia was fun and street wise - but if they carry on with the way they are now, it wouldn't bother me too much if they split.

  • Comment number 44.

    Cyred got more screnetime than ahirley did! And ahes more important in the show atm!

  • Comment number 45.

    hopefully Lorraine Newman (the new executive producer)will make eastenders less like hollyoaks oh and where has rose and andrew gone?


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