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Episode discussion for week 15 - 19 August

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Nickie | 14:10 UK time, Monday, 15 August 2011

 It's all about secrets, snogs and retribution this week. Just how we like it...

And while it's all kicking off in the Square, kick off the episode debate with us below! What do you think of this week's drama?

But before you start reading - be warned, this post contains spoilers!

Monday 15th August - 8pm

Vanessa's finally found out the truth about Max and Tanya, but resolves to calmly move on and hold no grudges... 


She has to be restrained by three people from trashing Max's house after a confrontation with Tanya. But where is Max?

Meanwhile, Lauren and Ryan get serious. Is their relationship built to last?


 Tuesday 16th August - 7.30pm

Carol has competition for Eddie's attention. Would you dare to nick Carol's man? We wouldn't...

Meanwhile, Ian has several ladies vying for his attention. Why try to start a stable, honest relationship, when you can just con your way into one, eh?


Thursday 18th August - 7.30pm

Tanya awaits her test results... on her own. Should she confide in Lauren and Abi, or have her daughters had enough to deal with lately?

Elsewhere, Lauren and Ryan are in trouble with the Old Bill. But with Tanya and Whitney threatening to wreck their relationship, that's not the least of their worries...

 Friday 19th August - 8pm

It's the day of the charity fete, but who will be the Pearly Queen of Norman's heart?

Meanwhile, Whitney shares a kiss with Lee... but he may not be all that he seems...




  • Comment number 1.

    Tonight's episode (15th August) was quite good, Vanessa has some serious issues though, smashing up the house like that. Carol was really good in this episode, she was the only person out of everyone who thought about Tanya and how she was feeling, and it was nice of her to tell Jack to kick Vanessa out so that Tanya and her family would have somewhere to live (not nice for Vanessa, but nice for Tanya) xx

  • Comment number 2.

    cool first 2 comment
    firstly i really want gregg and tanya 2 stay together and 4 max to come bk
    secondly i want something to happen with whitney an tyler NOT ROB
    thirdly WAT IS GOIN ON WITH THE MASSODS plz bring more of them and yusef in

  • Comment number 3.

    hey just as i pressed enter some1 else commented not fair oh well 2nd 2 comment

  • Comment number 4.

    2daiz episode 15th august was madd!! vanessa seemz so insane by breaking the house lyk dat..i feel so sory 4 tanya since shez got cancer

  • Comment number 5.

    I absolutely hate she is such a b**ch, how can she say such harsh words to Vanessa, sorry but that wasn't fair on Vanessa. Tanya, Cora and Rainie should live on the streets, Max's kids and Vanessa should be living in that house, I don't care if Max and Tanya are soulmates, they have to think about the consequences, how it will affect other people, before starting the stupid affair. I'm glad Gregg has sold the house, if Booty is not on Tanya's name then he should sell that too.

  • Comment number 6.

    just wached the episode and i have 2 say i think vanessa is a litte mad (no affense)

  • Comment number 7.

    I think Vanessa's been living with the suspicion that Max was going to cheat on her for a long time, so this emotional build-up really exploded between Friday and Monday's ep. Think about when Vanessa confided her suspicions to Tanya with that Max was cheating (after she discovered a mystery lipstick in the sitting room). Not only was Tanya sleeping with Max, she lied to her face after listening to Vanessa open her heart. V must feel so betrayed and so stupid. I wonder how she'd change her behaviour if she knew what Tanya was going through though...

  • Comment number 8.

    Why can't we comment on the web cam blog anymore?

  • Comment number 9.

    Hi MandyEE. You can! It's here - http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/eastenders/2010/07/webcams.shtml

    It just gets lost on the blog every now and then. You can find a permanent link to it at the very bottom of the webcam page - http://www.bbc.co.uk/eastenders/webcams/

  • Comment number 10.

    Hi Nickie, thanks so much!

  • Comment number 11.

    Hi Nickie, me again. I followed your link but it doesn't allow comments to be posted. It has a message - "This entry is now closed for comments"

  • Comment number 12.

    I don't feel sorry for vanessa one bit! she deserved everything she got.. she suffercated max and all her life she's always sponged of a man first harry and now max, she hasn't earned a single penny in her life.. I hate vanessa! Let Max and Tanya get back together their made for each other

  • Comment number 13.

    Poor Vanessa, ya kinda have t feel sorry for her, even though she's a headcase!!! But trying t get Eddie Moon away from Carol is a big mistake :D cant wait till tonight to see how that turns out :D
    Poor Tanya, loses Greg, Max, the kids trust, her house and no she may have Cancer!!! I love her and hope they dont kill her off!!!!
    I cant wait t see t beach epipsodes t see what Ryan does t Rob:D Looks like another good week in Eastnders :D

  • Comment number 14.

    Vanessa has got mental health problems and really needs to see a psychiatrist.
    @ Elaine - I agree with, Vanessa has sponged off men (harry and then Max). I know she has done the cooking and cleaning Max's house but when she was with Harry it seemed that she was a 'lady of leisure' going to lunch and shopping with her friends. She seems to think she is above doing a job (remember how she reacted when Alfie asked her to help out in the Vic?) so it'll be good if she has to work to pay the rent.

    @ _Becca_ - Why poor Tanya for loosing Greg? She cheated on him!! Why can't people see that? Poor Greg!!

    I'm glad Greg sold the house - good on him. And Carol saying that he's too nice to do that - well he is a nice guy but this shows that nice guys won't be walked over! Good on Greg. I like that EE is not portraying his character as a pushover. Good on EE!

    Remember when Carol was talking to Jack and she said "I'm not loosing this argument" HAHA - typical woman - doesn't like losing an argument

  • Comment number 15.

    @ mandy - gah sorry! maybe it reached the maximum number of comments on it. i'll add it back to the blog at the end of the week. will let you know here when i've done it

    @ ofcourse - who likes losing an argument!?* turns hulk-like*

    @ elaine - your message made me laff! such venom :)

    @becca i'm sort of dreading next week. i don't want horrible rob back! but can't wait to see what ryan does about it too!

  • Comment number 16.

    @ insider_nickie - don't get angry, what about all the generalisations women on EE make about men like the Carol saying to Eddie that considering there are three, men the place is spotless.
    Also, have you seen the emails that say 'in an argument a woman has the last word, anything a man says after that is a new argument' so women don't like loosing an argument! Haha and then there's the joke that women always think they're right lol

  • Comment number 17.

    I think Carol was horrible the way she threw Vanessa out.She had to be stopped from trashing the house as its not her house & for her own safety but Carol was her often sour self.Carol has an unforgiving often hypocrytical attitude & isn't a nice person at the moment.Shes too mouthy & blind where her family are concerned & usualy goes about things the wrong often nasty way.Her character used to be totally different years ago but over the years shes become a very mouthy,bitter person.Id like to see Carol become more understanding & nicer.I realy 4t she came across as downright nasty the way she went on with Vanessa wen Vanessa was/is obviously having a break down.I think Vanessa's lost it & it wil al end in tears.

  • Comment number 18.

    @ insider_nickie - When Eddie first came Kat said to him "typical man, running away" If people, especially women, can say 'typical man' about various things then why get angry when people say "typical woman"?

  • Comment number 19.

    @insider_nickie - Thanks, appreciate it.

  • Comment number 20.

    Check out the webcams, they are filming in the square.

  • Comment number 21.

    Surely Tanya could fight for the house, she's married to Greg so she has some say in the matter! And there is no way a house can be sold just like that, you would need papers, solicitors etc. but this is Walford after all...

  • Comment number 22.

    @ ofcourse - sorry i think i gave you the wrong end of the stick, there - i wasn't angry! i was just saying that i think that everyone likes to win an argument, men and women both. but you do make some really interesting points about gender politics in the show there

    @ poppypunto - I really love carol, but you're right she can be totally remorseless in the way that she treats other people (bianca gets it in the nose all the time). but she's also just as tough on herself. which is sort of why she ended up this way, i think. she seems to have really been scarred by the things that have happened in her life (david wicks, alan, billie's death) and every time she took a hit, she seems to have closed up more. it's like she's afraid to show anyone sympathy in case her armour comes crashing down. but vanessa deserves some serious sympathy at the moment - none of this is her fault. i guess in carol's mind blood is thicker than water and that's all that matters. anyway, that's my tuppence worth. pseudo-psychiatrist-insider-nickie signing off from duty... :)

    @ pilky - methinks tanya should get Ritchie Scott's number from Phil Mitchell for some legal advice. All the business she's got from the Mitchells over the years, I'm sure she'd offer a competitive price to Tan...

  • Comment number 23.

    i felt really sorry for ryan :( you can see that he still really loves stacey despite being with lauren and that he is still hurt because of stacey leaving :(

  • Comment number 24.

    I felt sorry for ryan too because of evil janine grassing on him. Also she didnt think twice about who he was to her before! I think that tanya needs to tell her family that she has cancer so she will be looked after! :( x

  • Comment number 25.

    I agreed on carols saying to vaneesa after throwing her out that no1 lyks her and yy she livin here?? Its truu :) x And it isnt vaneesa house it jacks so carol did right!! :)

  • Comment number 26.

    I understand with Whitney she hasn't had many good male role model's in her life and has a very warped view of relationship's anyone who show's her attention regardless whether it is sexual flirting she confesses it with love bless her. her dad died aged 10 then Tony her step-dad came into her life and raped and sexually abused her from age 12 to 16, then of course Billie who was only going out with her a bit but then dumped her before texting he loved her before shortly dieing of alcohol poisoning, then of course there was sweet peter who really loved her who she dumped for bad boy Connor who cheated on her with her stepgran Carol, of course when everyone turned against her she showed this attetion by going after max, getting the wrong signal's of course she had a brief kiss and fling before with Leon before Billie went to join the army, So anyone who is nice to turn like rob was she think's their soulmate's, whitney's like's happy ending's and fairytale's course she is a girl who need's a lot of love. I Love Whitney very kind-hearted character losted but very pretty at the same time Shona is a good little actress and is turning into a fine Young Women. At the same time Whitney is a chav though and has very tacky dress sense.

  • Comment number 27.

    I think Whitney is still only 18 she doesn't know a lot about men Yet, but she is so damaged that she think's a bit immaturely Whit doe's I think she should get some proper counselling after all she has been through and threapy then she can get through in her life also fat boy would be a good support to her as her friend and future soul-mate I don't want them to start settling down having marriage and kids course they are too Young, Whitney has been through so much and it would be boring they could get a house together though in the near furture maybe Whitney will see her Mr Right has been waiting for her all along in the shape of Fatboy kind, funny, and generous he wont make Whitney cry or ever hurt and cheat on her about time she had some luck with relationship's.

  • Comment number 28.

    @ alice - you're right. it's no surprise that whitney has such a mixed up attitude towards men. fatboy is lovely. do you think that whitney could allow herself to be with someone 'nice'?

    @beb0 - me too. i wish tanya would tell someone. it doesn't seem right that she should have to suffer alone. though i can see why she feels that she's already made abi and lauren suffer enough recently. and Cora's pretty much the last person you'd confide in...

    @onnagh - sob. i wonder what stacey's doing now. i don't think ryan will ever feel the same way about lauren as he did about stacey...

    @mandy - i've had some technical problems and the webcam post will have to wait til next week. i'm really sorry but will let you know as soon as i manage it! feel free to mention them here while you wait, if you see anything interesting on the square!

  • Comment number 29.

    carol is so tight and sad Vanessa has lost her man and now she gets throne out of her own house because of Tanya's stupid affair but i feel sorry for Tanya discovering she has cervical cancer. Lauren is being daft yeah your mum had an affair it does not mean u do what u like using that as an excuse dats blackmail and considering that dats ur mum makes it worse. Also i feell sorry for whitney after finding out her half brother is sleeping with her best mate. Also i feel sorry for her bcuz she's never good with men. To add on Vanessa is so mean Eddie is the only one who cared enough for her to be her friend and she manipulates him bcuz of Michael's past. crously sum1 shud get Michael a shovel so he can bury the past . But then i guess nothing eva works out in east enders

  • Comment number 30.

    tanya has cancer thats no suprise this her punishment for having an affair because she does not seem to care bout her family

  • Comment number 31.

    I feel sorry for Tanya! :( X

  • Comment number 32.

    Vanessa smashed up max's house good........ enjoyed watching it she did it well ...

  • Comment number 33.

    @ insider_nickie - ah ok, Cool! :-)
    I have to say that we do hear a plenty of women saying 'typical man ....' or 'Men are ....' but hardly ever hear any men say 'typical woman ...' or 'women are .....' and when we do hear men say something like that it's usually followed by a woman looking annoyed or something e.g. when Ian and Jane got divorced and Ian said 'typical woman' the look on his female lawyer's face!

    I have to disagree that Whitney had it bad with Billy. I know she loved him and he dumped her but look at how he did it - he came to see her to tell her the truth. We all get dumped - well most of us do. As for Peter - he is lovely but she used him and she flirted with Connor before dumping Peter (who was going to ask her to marry him!).

    Vanessa - I know things are bad for her and I should feel sorry for her but I just don't. Maybe because I never liked her much, she's a bit snobby and just wants to sponge off men. Carol had a point that she didn't try to make friends in Walford. Also remember a year ago - she cheated on Harry with Max and made it clear to Max that she was only after one thing from him! Also, she knew that Max was still in love with Tanya so maybe she should have been careful about getting too involved with Max... I'm not trying to syggest what Max did was ok though - both Max and Tanya did very wrong to Vanessa and Greg.

    Tanya and the house - sorry but I think it's right that Greg sells it and I think that Tanya doesn't want to fight against the sale because she has a bit of a conscience and wants to do the right thing maybe (even if she didn't have a conscience when she cheated on Greg). Or maybe she feels guilty and thinks Greg has the right to sell the house after what she did to him. She's moved into Max's anyway and why were Abi and Lauren upset at loosing their home when they have two homes - Max's home was lawyas their home too!

  • Comment number 34.

    Thank gd vanessa is leaving eastenders!!! :))


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