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Quiz: Which East Ender said that?

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Lou | 11:00 UK time, Monday, 9 May 2011

You may know your Bridge Street from your Market Street, but how clued up are you on the residents of the Square?

If you know your onions and have a memory as sharp as Shirley's comebacks, then see if you can guess which East Ender said these one-liners over the last year. And can you go as far as telling us which episode they were in?

Sound easy? Share your answers and we'll reveal the Walford wonders very soon!

1"I'm gonna kill him."!

2 "I've walked us back to happiness. Walking back to happ-in-ess, umpah, oh yeaaah."!

3 "I have been learning to deal with blokes like you."!

4 "Get her out of here, get her away from me, get her out of here!"!

5 "Alright Chuckles? Still the joker of the pack I see."!

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