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Shane Richie and Jessie Wallace

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Matt Humphreys | 11:10 UK time, Sunday, 9 January 2011

Following some reports in the media today suggesting they were planning to leave EastEnders, Shane Richie and Jessie Wallace have issued statements confirming their ongoing commitment to the show. We can expect to see Kat and Alfie as a fixture in Albert Square for quite some time.

Kat and Alfie

Here's Shane's response to the reports... "

It’s absolutely not true, I have no plans to quit EastEnders. In fact, as I have been saying, I’ve never been happier there. I’m reading reports that we are all about to walk out which is nonsense.

I know some people have found this story challenging which I can understand, but EastEnders have listened to that and taken some of the feedback on board. I just want to carry on giving the best performances we can to do the story justice".

Jessie Wallace said, "I wish someone told me I was quitting as I have just learnt all my lines! I don’t know where these stories come from but it’s just not true both myself and Shane are really happy at EastEnders" .

Regarding speculation in the newspapers that there was unrest at EastEnders a spokesperson added: "There is no truth whatsoever in claims that there is unrest at EastEnders. Although, as we've said some changes are being made to the current storyline. This means cast and crew working to tighter deadlines but this is not out of the ordinary on a big production like EastEnders.

The show does go on and everyone will be working together to bring this storyline to its rightful conclusion".


  • Comment number 1.

    If bringing the baby swap storyline to an end early is a 'rightful conclusion' then why wasn't it done in the first place?

    Also is it normal for the BBC to respond to a Daily Star article when we know that as newly returned characters they will be on long contracts?

    And how come you can release a statement about this yet Bryan Kirkwood has still not directly responded to the criticism about the baby swap aspect of the storyline?
    Note: I don't mean the cot death.

  • Comment number 2.

    Glad to hear they are staying. They have been amazing in the baby story and i actually feel sorry for them that is being cut short. I was looking forward to how it would affect Kat and Alfie and seeing it play out on screen. Hopefully there are lots more stories in the pipeline for this fab double act.

  • Comment number 3.

    I'm glad to hear that shane and jessie aren't leaving EE, and I hope that there isn't any unhappiness amongst the cast and crew regarding the current media outcry against the baby-swap story. Yes the storyline is strong, but that's what we true EE fans expect and want from our fav show. I'm sorry that the storyline is going to be resolved earlier than planned, because I suspect that the story writers had invested alot of time and engery creating a dramatic arch that will now have to be curtailed. That said, with poor samantha womack being abused in the street by the actions of her character, and the anti-bbc press stoking-up a storm about this storyline then i understand why it is being wound up earlier than planned. Of cause I sympathise with people who have suffered the lose of any baby, child, loved one, but i do think that soaps/dramas are there to inform, advice, but also entertain (through sometimes through shock and awe), and I would like to have expereinced the orginally planned storyline, not matter how distressing it would have been, i suspect its original arch would have delivered an amazing and rewarding outcome. Such a pity certain people/media can't leave creativity alone. Yep, the death and swapping of a baby is shocking, but so is rape, murder, child-abuse, etc. they are all factors of life, and when looking at ronnie's hasty actions of new year's eve in conjunction with her life,actions, etc of her whole life it does (at least to me)seen understandable - if only to ronnie in that moment of split second madness. Thanks EE writers, and samantha, jessie, shane and scott, etc. for handling the whole storyline with care and grace. sorry its caused such negative press. keep up the good work.

  • Comment number 4.

    I'm glad to know there is know truth in this as shane and jessie are brilliant in the show.The whole storyline is brilliant and im gutted that the story is not going to run untill christmas that would be brilliant i think eastenders bosses should of fought harder to keep the story going as the percentage of complaints aint that many if you way up how many millions watch the show i just hope eastenders script writters are going to think of another really good christmas storyline but it will be hard to top the baby one.I look forward to seeing more of shane and jessie on the show and they should ignore all the bad things about the storyline written in the press there acting has been outstanding and im sure it will continue

  • Comment number 5.

    so glad shane and jessie arnt leaving cause they are the best in the show and if they bring all the slaters back that will be even better....so glad they were brought back abnd hopefully they will be around for a long time xx

  • Comment number 6.

    im glad that shane and jessie isnt leaving and other cast members :)but when they say they listen to the viewers and take in consideration what they are saying is clearly a lie becuase before the baby swap storyline was out they told us about the story and fans of ronnie and kat were sayin they want them to be happy so why didnt they consider that...i dont think the show will be the same for some reason...i hope it does because i am a big fan of the show and ook forward to watching it everynight...:/

  • Comment number 7.

    I'm so glad that they are not leaving the show! Jesse and Shane are fantastic and I love there onscreen relationship! I was so pleased to see them both back! Can't wait for what EE has instore for them I just hope that's it all happy, and certainly can't wait for Kat and Alfie to get there baby boy back! XX

  • Comment number 8.

    Kat and Alfie, You're just brilliant! (Jesse and Shane are for reality)Haven't been following media hype so this all came as a big shock. A word for the media- get out there and report on what's happening in the real world and leave us to enjoy the best soap opera in the whole wide world! And producers/directors!.....just get back to your storyline. You're doing a terrific job. We all benefit and learn from how Eastenders highlights the awful problems/difficulties etc (I know. I lost my beautiful son)

  • Comment number 9.

    So happy to hear that Jessie and Shane are not leaving, they've both been fantastic in those sad sad episodes. They've portrait the grieving parents brilliantly but I have to say that I'm glad that this whole baby switching thing will be brought to a early finished. I'm all for handling difficult subject as the cot death but BBC went too far with the baby switching storyline.
    Hope that they'll stay on for a very long time, they've been my favorite couple for a very long time.

  • Comment number 10.

    @budge9: Please give it a rest already. These people you are continually attacking are creating a TV that depicts fictional characters. They are not politicians or policy makers that impact the lives of real people. Everyone can choose to watch the show or not. If a storyline upsets you, just don't watch. This continual vitriol is much more offensive than anything that has even been on the show.

    There are many of us who feel these storylines have been presented in a perfectly fine way; sensitively handled and wonderfully acted. What I have seen of it so far has been captivating. Yes, I'd like to see Kat get her baby back, and everyone have a happy ending, but this is a fictional drama. I am a regular viewer and so I know the character of Ronnie, and her history and I can understand how she snapped in this moment of grief.

    What I cannot understand is the bullying behavior exhibited by people who will not stop harping about this.

    It is really a shame that all this manufactured outrage has overshadowed the actual episodes and the terrific performances of both Jessie Wallace and Samantha Womack. And I hope that the BBC hold its ground, if only because giving in to bullies only encourages more bullying, and if they give in, it won't end here. I think these same groups will mount the same sort of campaigns any time they don't like a storyline.

  • Comment number 11.

    ...and btw, I'm very happy to hear that Shane & Jessie will be around for a long time to come. Thanks for clearing that up!

  • Comment number 12.

    Thank you E20Launderette! You have saved me the job. I absolutely agree wholeheartedly.

  • Comment number 13.

    I know this is fictional drama but still it a bit revolting to watch, and i shame for me cause i been watching eastenders for ages and I have stopped watching it now due to the sick storyline.

  • Comment number 14.

    @E20Launderette: Well said!

  • Comment number 15.

    I agree with everything miw3663 says, yes it is true that the storyline about the baby snatching is sad, sick and extremely upsetting but it is also a fact of life and things like this can and unfortunatly do happen. I would personally like to take this oportunity to applaud Jessie, Shane, Sam and Scott for all there great acting in the storyline. I think the fact that Sam being abused in the street because of her caracters actions is totally diabolical and the fact that this was done in front of her children is a disgrace, these low life should realise that Sam is an ACTRESS ACTING OUT A SCRIPT and it is not something she herself has done.
    I for 1 will continue to switch on to EE and i very much look forward to more great storylines in the future. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK GUYS.

  • Comment number 16.

    Call me cynical but I don't think the EE team have decided to bring the storyline to 'a swift conclusion' because of viewers' complaints. I think they always intended to finish it to coincide with Samantha Womack's departure and put out laundered 'information' about it lasting a year or more to make us think our complaints have had an effect.
    Anyway - I wouldn't call 4 or 5 months 'swift'. That poor baby will have had all that time without his family, which is just cruel, and Kat forgiving Ronnie would be just unbelievable.
    Before anyone says 'get real, it's only a soap' - the team wouldn't ask for advice about their storylines if they didn't want their episodes to be as realistic as possible. The swap is where they've gone wrong with this; they could have investigated cot death and baby-snatching as separate issues at different times, and in depth, as they did with the bi-polar theme, rather than linking the two.

  • Comment number 17.

    im so pleased that jessie and shane arn't leaving, they make the show so fabulous and bring the square together. i feel so sorry for them both to go through what they have recently, its a big shock.

    people say that the show is fictional, yes, but i would be quiet surprised on how many people- sick people would acually steel someone elses child, no fault of there own but it can happen and has been done... even tho people dont get away with it.

    i would like to say carry on the good work u guys, ur doung a great job...

  • Comment number 18.

    I LOVE Kat and Alfie and I LOVE Jessie and Shane!! So glad they are staying for a long time! They are amazing and iconic characters and incredible actors! :)

  • Comment number 19.

    I've just heard that Alfie and Kat will be getting their baby boy back. I'm am over the moon by this news! Great acting by these two and by Sam who plays Ronnie! Sad that Sam feels she has to leave! The whole story line sucks with the baby swap as well as a death but the bosses at eastenders have done the right thing by ending this horrible storyline! Apparently they don't get the baby back till spring but hopefully it will be sooner then later! Jessies acting is fantastic and I've been in tears watching her play Kat but seeing Kat soo said when she's such a loud bubbly and firey character makes you feel her pain. I can't wait to see Kat and Alfies face when they get baby Tommy back and hope they can still bond with their little boy.

  • Comment number 20.

    I totally agree with E20Launderette

    What I cannot understand is how the genral public cannot seem to understand that the EE cast are actors and not real people.. But then I supposed there is no accounting for people's intelligence.

    I understand that the current storyline is very upsetting but unfortunately this storyline, along with many others, are actually based on true life.

    If you find the programme offensive, upsetting etc., DONT WATCH IT and let people who do enjoy it watch it.

    Whatever happened to live and let live; I don't complain about certain programmes that I find offensive, I just turn over or turn off.

  • Comment number 21.

    I also agree with I totally agree with E20Launderette who wrote everything I wanted to say. Thank you!

    And I am very happy that Jessie and Shane are staying. Great news :)

  • Comment number 22.

    Its great to hear Shane and Jessie are staying. Im an avid fan of EE and have been ever since it started. The recent story line I feel has been well acted and is a situation that does happen. The only thing I have to say on the matter is that when a mother has a baby she will recognise that baby anywhere and that the character Kat would if it had been real life kicked up more of a fuss when she thought the baby wasnt hers as she stated in one recent episode. Apart from that well dont EE for yet another gripping real to life story.

  • Comment number 23.

    Jeez... if I knew I wasn't allowed to express an opinion I wouldn't have bothered posting. I have never attacked anybody who was said that they support/like the cot death/baby swap storyline, just stated that in my opinion it went one step too far.

    I have also never called for there to be a happy ending to this plot and I do agree that Sam and Jessie have given amazing performances.

    I was simply pointing out that in my opinion a Daily Star article is not worth putting out a response over, as most people don't believe a word they say. I also do not support the press hounding of Sam Womack and throughout this whole saga have simply asked for one thing- a response from Bryan Kirkwood about his thinking behind the baby swap (I don't want any kind of apology from him if it's upset or 'challenged' me.)

    I really don't understand why voicing an opinion (which I would like to state I have not voiced to the BBC in the form of a complaint) that the baby swap went too far has made people brand people like myself as some kind of obsessive who is trying to get the show dumbed down. I wouldn't bother posting an opinion on here if I did not love the show and I actually wish they had stuck to the storyline they were originally planning to show (no matter how many complaints they got) as I think the knee jerk rescripting of episodes could seriously damage the show.

  • Comment number 24.

    Oh and I would like to add that I'm glad that Shane and Jessie aren't leaving and that I know EastEnders is a fictional drama series.

    I do not believe that it is EastEnders' job to raise social issues and I wish they would solely concentrate on producing a dramatic and entertaining show. By claiming they are rasing awareness of issues they open themselves up to critism from people like the mumsnet people who are upset that they showed a bereaved cot death mother stealing a baby. Or with tying this new Whitney storyline in with highlighting teenage prostitution. It greatly opens them up to complaints from people who disagree with the way they have portrayed these issues. It seems to be a more modern phenomenon to do things this way and I wish they would go back to the old EastEnders way of gripping drama that is shown only to entertain the audience.

  • Comment number 25.



  • Comment number 26.

    relli glad to find out they arnt leaving coz it wouldnt b the same without them xxx

  • Comment number 27.

    Excellent storyline EE.Now BRING BACK ROSS KEMP.XX

  • Comment number 28.

    I kept thinking the baby swap story would be over in less than a week. I can't believe the bbc were thinking of dragging it out over the whole year. I've been fast forwarding most of the programmes since the story line started because its very irritating. Surely someone would have spotted the baby swap. Even the health visitor said there was a difference in weight and a miraculous recovery of the club foot.I love the show and have it set to series record on our Sky Plus but I'm thinking of canceling it altogether.

  • Comment number 29.

    I am glad to hear Shane & Jessie will be staying!

    I just can't seem to understand the people who have an issue with the current storyline as I don't see what Eastenders has done wrong?

    The purpose of the show is to outline problems that do occur and it seems to me as though some people just can't come to terms with the fact that this happens in real life. If you were aware of people this had happened to would you be complaining? Of course not you'd sympathise with them and this storyline was simply intended to raise awareness.

    If people have such a problem with it they just shouldn't watch this storyline but unfortunately this is something people have to go through and I do not see any wrong in Eastenders bringing awareness to the situation and I will continue to watch, and enjoy, the show.

  • Comment number 30.

    Glad to hear they're not leaving! Devastated Samantha Womack is leaving/taking a break. I really like her! I think the baby swap storyline is good. It's not as if Ronnie killed the baby herself and if you have been watching EastEnders for the past 18 months or so you would know that Ronnie isn't really mentally stable. She was just acting in the moment and didn't know what she was doing. She has realised her mistake! Bottom line: if the storyline bothers you that much, then don't watch it. I think it's ridiculous because a) it's a soap filled with drama and b) it's not actually real. The acting from Jessie Wallace, Shane Ritchie and Samantha Womack has been tremendous and I, personally, can't fathom why people are complaining. My own personal opinion.

  • Comment number 31.

    shame i thought shane and his over acting was leaving !!!!

  • Comment number 32.

    Soooooo happy to hear they are not leaving!! they are what brings eastenders to life! they are both amazing actors and if they were to leave then i dont think eastenders would be as interesting and realistic. i think jessie and shane are doing amazingly well with this storyline considering samantha is leaving :(!! i hope that kat and alfie eventually become the happy family that they have always wanted! x

  • Comment number 33.

    I'm glad Shane Richie and Jessie Wallace are staying, I love their characters. At last it seems Eastenders will be tackling some issues to really raise awareness and the exploitation of young vulnerable women is an ongoing concern in this country. Having worked with young people in difficult life stages, it is very clear how young women become enmeshed in relationships which can lead to danger.
    I am also very happy the current storyline is ending. Cot death is a very serious topic and has been handled well by many TV shows. This sickening 'baby swap' twist does nothing to raise awareness and completely overshadows the issues around cot death and how people cope.
    Connor is awful and his relationship with Carol is a joke. It goes completely against Carol's character and I hate it when writers do that. She may have acted out of character following Billy's death but I can't imagine it would carry on this long. My husband can't stand Glenda, so I just thought I'd add her in on his behalf :-)

  • Comment number 34.

    I've had enough of the simplistic and boring responses saying 'if you don't like it, don't watch'. What a ridiculous response to people's genuine concerns. Everyone is allowed their opinion and if I were to use your 'logic' I could say 'if you don't like the comments, stop reading them'. See how inane and pointless an argument it is? If you really believe only viewers who won't make a fuss should watch it you are basically advocating that anything be allowed on TV, however awful, we can all just switch off. Someone needs to watch The Running Man!!

  • Comment number 35.

    I would like to make a comment on the Eastenders story line at present. I completely understand that the current story line is terrible and will effect people differently depending on whether they have been through anything simularly or been wittness to this type of grief. However I would like to take my hat of to the actors, actresses and the writers for looking into this highly sensitive issue.
    Death in anyway is hard to handle however when in involves a baby or child it always hits harder and makes the majority of people find it hard to cope or deal with.
    I myself have not experienced this pain first hand however a very close friend lost there five and half month old baby to cot death, to this day I can still remember what I was doing when I recieved the phone call from her, I remember the helplessness I felt to support her.To deal with my own grief I felt for the child I had grown to know and love.

    For me this story line gets back to the roots of Eastenders, it deals with real stories and not the blackmails, affairs and murders of late.
    I used to watch eastenders regularly however have seen little point in watching it for the past 5-8 years as the stories seemed to repeat themselves and there was no real drama or area to open the door to real life situations.
    Since hearing about this contraversial story line I decided to watch and althrough I can not say its a happy story line it is something that could happen. Its something that gives thought to you as an audience and just maybe out of the increased calls to the national cot death phone line might just save a baby's life. If more people are aware of the facts that the society are now aware of then this helps to inform people and helps to raise awareness.
    I personally believe that the BBC and Eastenders have dealt with this issue to do just that. I feel that the writers have researched the grief that both actresses might be going through, it shows that they have really looked deeply at this trama created by this storyline. I am wondering how the conclusion to this story line will unfold as I dont believe it can have a great conclusion for the actress playing Ronnie.

  • Comment number 36.

    I am pleased that Shane and Jesse are staying, however i was one of the many people who complained about the baby swap story line, and i still stick by my complaint. I am not critisising the acting as i think they are all fantastic but i just cannot understand why this story line was ever written. Why cannot characters be given happy endings. I have lost a child and i will never stop grievig for my child but i know that i woukd never wish that kind of grief onto anybody, not even my worst enemy. So it just seems unbelievable that Ronnie would do this. I will not be watching until this storyline is resolved. I just hope they treat the resolvement of this storyline a bit more sensitively than they have been.

  • Comment number 37.

    I think its great kat and alfie are staying they are great actors. I think the media has gone over the scre with the cot death/baby swap storyline yes its hard to watch but if you dont like it dont watch it i think producer bryan kirkwood has done a great storyline and if you watch the soap and understand the characters you can see why ronnie done this get a grip media other soaps have done worse

  • Comment number 38.

    Thank god for that! You lost Stacey, then Ronnie, if Kat and Alf left, you'd loose so many viewers!

  • Comment number 39.

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad Shane and Jessie are not leaving, it has been such a lovely time having them back. (BRING BACK MORE OLD CHARACTERS)!!!!! The storyline i can imagine has been a upset for parents that have been/or is going through it!! BUT - everyone knew what was going to happen, so why watch it??
    I'm a MASSIVE EastEnders fan and back it all the way! I thought the acting was amazing !!!! I'm gutted that Samantha aka Ronnie is leaving (she is one off my favourites) , I do agree that the ending should be brought forward due to the complains it has had, I think its got slightly out off hand though as everyone has the choice to watch it. I'm a parent myself and understand that its something every parent worrys about.

    I'm sure there was no harm ment in the matter, and that Eastenders is upset that its upset so many people.

    Love love love love love the show, carry on to do amazing work!!

    x x x

  • Comment number 40.

    This story line has been so distressing and very unrealistic. Okay I could see what the writers was trying to accomplish regards to the cot death but then the subject moved to being about a very unhinged baby snatcher.Come on people it has defiantly been taking a step to far. I honestly like Ronnie as an actress and all the story lines she has had are just evil there is no need to be so so depressing. I have watched eastenders for many years but after the episodes that i have seen recently i really am truly disgusted!! Give Kat her baby back!!!!!!

  • Comment number 41.

    i have been watching Eastenders my whole life and I've had enough of the boring responses saying 'if you don't like it, don't watch'. What a ridiculous response to people's genuine concerns. Everyone is allowed their opinion!!!! after that what these story line are all bout grabbing abit of attention no matter who they offend or up set i think that this story line is disgusting because the writers have take the spot light off the real issue of a new born death there hasn't been any emotion from Ronnie considering she just lost her 2nd child she seems up set but not how she should act if she had really lost a child and she seems to have no guilt what so ever considering she rapped her dead baby up in a blanket and swapped it for her friends child (Kat and Alfie] she seems like this is all an act i know it is but there are so many people out there dealing with the death of a new born i myself have not witnessed first had but have a cousin who died last year from cot a death and seen how shattering loosing some one can be especially a new born. as i said i have watched eastenders my whole life but if kat don't get her baby back i will no longer will be watching the show and so will every one i have spoke to about the show!!! so please just give kat her baby and save the viewer the heart ache

  • Comment number 42.

    honestly i dont no why people have got so upset on the story line, its just that a story line and NOT real i no way have the show ever said "oh if your baby dies steal another" and no one -in their right mind- really would.
    GET OVER IT ALREAD its a soap....make believe you know

  • Comment number 43.

    im so glad kat and alfie arnt leaving eastenders, they are a wonderful couple,and they are well loved in the show.ive waited so long for their return,and i hope they remain for a long time to come.

  • Comment number 44.

    Just watched the funeral and wanted to once again compliment the writers and actors on the whole tommy/james story. i still feel sad that the story isn't going to run its originally intended course because i think if would have been possibly one of the greatest story reveals of all time. BBC/EE producers please don't become tame and shy of upsetting people. yes i understand that this has all come as a shock and you are reacting to certain viewers (and i suspect an awful lot of non-viewers) comments, but please remember that true EE fans like to be challenged and shocked. Unlike "Bonnie" i have found the story (so far) completely realistic - because i've followed ronnie's past, and and see how her desperation not to lose a second child and to mainatin the happy family she and jack so wanted - all seems realistic to me. Not saying i agree with what she's done, but i can see how a troubled woman like ronnie would do such a thing. and in tonight's episode we saw her for at least the 2nd time since new year's eve try and find a way to correct the wrong she has done. great writing, great acting, great EE. once again, keep true to yourself in future - and please don't let genuine EE fans down by reacting to over-reacting comments. please. True EE fans understand what EE stands for when its at its best, and will take the pain and heartache to "enjoy" a complicated and challenging story. afterall, that's what makes life and EE so great.

  • Comment number 45.

    Shane and Jessie are the best Eastenders actors ever, I love their characters and was delighted they returned to the square. Looking forward to the day their characters are reunited with little Tommy, as this whole swapping element of the storyline has been too much! The actors did a fab job of handling the cot death storyline... I have been moved by the performances of both of them. For me it is the writers and editors at the BBC who caused the outrage by taking it too far and having the dead baby's mother swop it.

  • Comment number 46.

    having just watched the funeral, ive just got to say how sad it was, but ive got to say kat was amasing,shes a pro.ive noticed now and from the past just what a excelent actress she is.i think her and alfie are back where they belong,at the queen vic.its not been the same without them.so im over joyed they are back. i just hope they are back to stay.

  • Comment number 47.

    i think shane and jessie are really good actors and even though the cotdeath/swapline was inappropiate and unsensitive people need to stop taking it out on the actors in real life e.g samantha (ronnie) in real life was apparantily called a murderer in the streets and i think its because they are all such good actors and play this really well even though its difficult to film its so beliveable. apart from the fact that at the hospital they would do a postmortam also because people would reconise their own baby lolz! xxx

  • Comment number 48.

    I have watched eastenders since I was a little girl. At 32 now and a mother to a beautiful 11 month old girl I found the storyline about the cot death distressing but I do think these very real issues need to be brought to the forefront and more exposure given to help people understand this terrible syndrome. What I did find horryfying and deeply upsetting and too much was the added and very wrong twist put on the storyline with the baby swop. You have completly taken away what is a very very real every day life altering thing with SIDS and added this twist which is a disaster. I love the actors portraying this storyline BUT I am deeply disturbed that for the sake of ratings you have let the reality of the terrible SIDS Be back dropped for a horrible and quite frankly disastrous storyline. Lets get back to you getting right and not so WRONG.....

  • Comment number 49.

    Hi i am so glad that jessie wallace and shane ritchy are staying in the ee jessie wallace aka kat has played a good part at thinking her baby has died,and having to go through with the funeral of a child that was`nt hers,i am so glad that ronnie(samantha womack) has given back the baby she has a lot of explaining to do to the police and explain to kat and alfie as to why she did it.

  • Comment number 50.

    I would like to add from my previous comments that it is distgusting that people have been so rude and malicious and quite frankly stupid to the great actors on the show, ie samantha (ronnie). She is one of my favourite characters on the show and im very sad she will be leaving. :O( x

  • Comment number 51.

    This storyline, as with many others in Eastenders, is challenging and provocative to pull off. Personally, I feel that the cast and writers have done a fantastic job and although I would prefer the swap not to have happened, the sublime acting that has resulted from it has redeemed it, as well as raised vital awareness about SIDS.
    P.S Bit upset there's only a "complain about this comment" option, some of these, I want to "recommend."

  • Comment number 52.

    wahey! great acting from the both of you!

  • Comment number 53.

    are kat and alfie really leaving E.E? why??????????

  • Comment number 54.

    As happy as I am that Shane and Jessie have shown their commitment to the show I would not be surprised if they want to revise their statements after last nights episode. I think it's appalling that several of their scenes were cut to make room for last minute additions featuring Jodie and her friend. These scenes were completely inappropriate, unfunny and totally detracted from the episode. What should have been a moving episode featuring Kat and Alfie saying goodbye to their child ended up a disjointed and confsuing mess! I'm incredibly disappointed that EastEnders made the decision to do this and just hope that we, as loyal viewers, get a chance to see these cut scenes whether it be late night, on BBC3 or on this website.

  • Comment number 55.

    Although it is great news that both Jessie and Shane are staying on the show especially with what they have given EastEnders since their return back in September and it has been fantastic to have them both back they were definitely missed by many of us during their 5 year absence. However I happen to agree with Midwf, both have put everything into the current storyline which would not been easy as both are parents only to have what the press considered their best work only to have it cut and have inappropriate scenes of Jodie put in their place. I would not blame either Shane or Jessie if they chose to leave once their contracts are up for renewal after this, it was unfair to them as actors and as parents to have wrung their guts out in these scenes and it was all for nothing. I unfortunately have been to a babies funeral and humour was definitely not a place for it, so adding those scenes of Jodie and her mate in the episode was I feel distasteful, insensitive and took away the overall feel and raw emotion of the episode which EastEnders did handle brilliantly and so sensitively last week. I cannot commend both Jessie and Shane enough for how they have handled this storyline and portrayed the grieving parents they have handled it sensitively and having witnessed a close friend of mine deal with the loss of a baby I can say first hand Jessie and Shane have handled this with such care and my friend completely agrees with this. My friend herself has said on numerous occasions how watching Jessie play Kat has brought back how she was feeling in those dark days and Jessie has played it so beautifully and with such raw emotion. The funeral was meant to be a way to show a mother saying goodbye to her baby and EastEnders have ruined that by cutting that scene to switch to some airhead blonde rambling nonsense which was insensitive to women such as my friend who have lost a baby. Also the scene cut of Kat breaking down at her baby’s grave would have shown the full extent of a parents pain at the loss of her child, having this scene cut will also take away a lot of the emotion involved when Kat is finally reunited with her baby in the spring.

    Overall I believed EastEnders were going to give us a poignant episode last night but what we got was anything but. If there are going to be any more cuts to this storyline as there have been so far then they may as well let us the viewers who want to see this carried out to its bitter-sweet end know so we can stop watching until the last episode of this storyline. Or for those of us who have been watching this storyline closely it would be as Midwf rightly pointed out be given a chance to see the cut scenes either on BBC3 or on this website.

  • Comment number 56.

    This is the first time I have ever used anything like this but I feel I need to commend both Kat and Alfie on their acting in the current storyline. Although I don't agree that this story line should have been aired at xmas time, I do agree that it should be told. Having lost a baby 13 years ago the emotion that has been displayed by Kat and alfie is so true. I have not been able to watch one episode without tears and often having to leave the room and go back in on catch up. Knowing that this type of thing can happen and how you feel going thorugh it may help someone else in this position. We felt completely at a loss as did my family. My own kids now watch eastenders and know what their mum and dad went through all those years ago. We always remember lost ones at xmas and new year and this is the only reason I think the timing is off.

  • Comment number 57.

    Firstly I would like to say I'm delighted that both Jessie and Shane have decided to stay in Eastenders as they both play my favourite characters. However, after watched last night's episode I had to come in here and leave my opinion. I was fuming after what we were given. There were a huge number of scenes obviously cut and filled with what in my opinion was a distasteful attempt at comedy between Jodie and Poppy. I'm wondering why these scenes were cut at the last minute? Was it to give into the tiny minority of people complaining about the baby swap? What about the 11million viewers who are gripped by the storyline and have been since it started? Don't we have the right to see the storyline as it was originally filmed?

    I can understand if the scenes cut involved the character of Ronnie as the baby swap is what most of the complainers were offended by. They didn't have a problem with the SIDS side of the storyline it was the baby swap that they found offensive. We have watched the characters Kat and Alfie struggle to come to terms with their loss since New Years Day. They've gone through hell and we've felt every emotion they've gone through due to the amazing acting of Jessie and Shane. Last night was the Moon's chance to say goodbye to their son and our opportunity to watch them as we have done for the last 10 days.

    I feel we as the audience who were emotionally invested in the Moons side of the storyline were robbed of these scenes. What was the point in showing 10 days of them grieving, to then not the chance to see them say goodbye their son and have some closer? Those scenes were unnecessarily cut in my opinion and I would like to appeal to have these scenes shown again at some time, to give those of us a chance to see Jessie Wallace and Shane Richie's amazing fine acting.

  • Comment number 58.

    Firstly, the standard of acting is fantastic from Jessie, Shane and Samantha! They have been giving difficult, sensitive storylines and I think its ridiculas that they are personally getting a hard time over it! Particularly Samantha...who at the end of the day is simply doing her job and a fantastic one at that!

    Its a drama...not real!! If you dont like it, dont watch it! But then maybe many of the viewers are hypocrites...are'nt the ratings up?!

  • Comment number 59.

    Im glad Shane and Jessie are staying too. Congrats to everyone involved in the baby swap storyline as the acting has been brilliant. As a big EE fan myself and having watch the current story play out, we all know that Ronnie swapped the baby in a moment of madness and, after realising what she did, she was going to put the baby back but circumstances decided otherwise. Now, she doesn't know what to do and she is all over the place. She is just going to go down hill. Although they said they were originally going to have this story go on for 10 months or so, I'm glad its only going on until the spring, even though I've no problem with it. I feel that to let it go on for 10 months is just gonna drag it out. I also missed last nights episode so if the BBC are going to show the missing scences, I hope they put them on BBC3 as we cant access video footage or catchup on the BBC website here in Ireland and it would be a shame for all the true EE fans here to miss out too on those scences. I also agree with @E20Launderette's comments above.

  • Comment number 60.

    I am glad that Jessie and Shane are staying. I think that they have the potential to become as legendary a couple in soapland as Jack and Vera Duckworth were in that other soap on a lesser channel. They're classic characters and hope they're there for some years to come.

  • Comment number 61.

    i want Kat and Ronnie 2 BE friends and Alfire and Jack 2 be freinds ???

  • Comment number 62.

    I understand peoples criticism about the baby swap but what people need to understand is EastEnders is a drama soap not a real life documentary. Soaps do tend to over do story lines its a Drama show not reality show get a grip, most things that happen in soaps don't represent real life situations, just to add some of the acting is 1st class..

    I don't think EastEnders should of changed the story because of complaints, they do drag out story lines sometimes but still if their only changing it just because people have complained then shame on them power to the people.

    Now-a-days we have hundreds of TV channels if u don't like what's on you know what to do.

  • Comment number 63.

    This story is awfull, i have stopped watching eastenders. They should stop the story line as soon as possible. Ronnie gave the baby back and it still dragged on.. Seriously need to sort it out!!!!!

  • Comment number 64.

    I am sorry
    But I refuse to watch Eastends again!
    This story is sick!
    It has upset me very much.
    When I hear the baby is back with it real mother then I will start watching again.
    I cannot believe a story can be made like this. It must worry mothers who are having difficulties with their family life and put the wrong thoughts in their heads

  • Comment number 65.

    I didnt know what to make of the storyline at first, i really do wanna see kat get her baby bak but i dont think that they should hav change it because now people will think they have a say in the way things go in the drama. its a fictional drama, were not supposed to have a say.

  • Comment number 66.

    i think this story line is going on way to long! its about time Ronnie confessed and gave Tommy back to kat. this is a sick storyline and EastEnders is suppose to be about real life situations.

  • Comment number 67.

    I think the story of the baby swap is very well writen, and the acting is just fantastic and I really don't think that Eastenders should let go of because they are just fantastic and you can ask anyone.

    People who are complaing need to understand that this is a fictinal soap and usualy in a soap, things happen that dont tend to happen very often in realy life! So anyone who doesn't like the show, pick up the remote and change the channell because there is many other people who love the show and understand that the story is a story, and it should be changed JUST because of the complaints to the show. A SHOW IS A SHOW NOT REAL LIFE, and that is something that some people have to understand! Although i love love love the show and think the story line is great, i hoped tonight they might finally end the story line because seriosly it has been dragged out for way to long! I mean.. WAY TO LONG!

    And tonight in eastenders i got to admit, it was the worst episode ever ! Compared to the other ones, it was a very poor episode and i didn't enjoy it. Nothing makes me want to watch it again tomorrow, only the fact that the baby sawp story line got dragged out even more!!!

    Loving eastenders anyways! Just please finish up with the story line, it has been dragged out for way to long and i know soaps tend to do that but seriosly, this has been way to long!

  • Comment number 68.


  • Comment number 69.

    What an anti-climax to the show tonight. We've been conned!...After all the build up, saying "Ronnie confesses to kat at the funeral" leading us all to believe the matter would be resolved and then to find out tonight that, it wasn't! grrrrrrr...The story line is too much, it's bad enough a baby had to die but then to swap it and leave it unresolved after all the build up has left me feeling really frustrated with the prog. It's draining watching all the suffering being dragged on and on. I know it's a fictional story but it's still upsetting. It wouldn't be so bad if they at least allowed someone in the show to have a bit of happiness without it always ending in tragedy for a change...I've watched the show since it began but it's become more and more depressing. I think they need to sack the script writers and bring in some that are not so possessed with 'doom & gloom'! Corrie and Emmerdale have their share of heartbreak story lines but at least they have a fair share of humour to lighten things up a bit lol...It would be more tolerable if they didn't insist on milking a story line to death and dragging it out for a 100 yrs..They drag things on so long that, in the end, no one really gives a toss cos they've all lost interest and no longer care what happens..I'm not going to watch Eastenders anymore, it's become a drag and is enough to make 'one' lose the will to live! lol...

  • Comment number 70.

    give kat her baby back, its actual sick!

  • Comment number 71.

    ya just like its been dragged out for a really long time and i love it and all but tonight it was absolutely useless, and everyone in my family agrees its been dragged out for way to long and no body really likes it anymore like i love eastenders but you drag out stories waay longer than anything else like the build up to archies murderer was waaaay to long and EVERYONE was sick of it like.. its sooo boring cos what happened yesterday ronnie handed the baby straight into kats hands and like where did it go from there? back to basics dragging it out and out and out like please just give kat her baby back!! its so boring!!! all the stupid complaints like, but seriosly ! GIVE HER HER BABY BACK AND GET A NEW STORY LINE ITS SOOO BORING AND TONIGHTS EPISODE WAS REALY BAD AND I DIDN'T LIKE IT IT WAS THE WORST I HAD EVER SEEN AND USUALY I LOVE EASTENDERS BUT LIKE COME ON IT WAS USELESS! GREAT ACTING THOUGH AND POOR CHARLIE IS GONE :( BUT LIKE PLEASE JUST GET IT OVER WITH ITS BORING NOW!!! THERE IS NO STORY LEFT TO IT YOU DRAGGED IT OUT TOO LONG!!!!!!

  • Comment number 72.

    the baby story line should be ending now not at the spring. it is upseting alot of people n i am one of them how could anyone write a storyline like this it is sick. why carn't ronnie n kat have a happy ending for a change when it come's to baby's after everthing they have been throw!!! just get it endered now please....

  • Comment number 73.

    Justice for Nigel Pargeter!

  • Comment number 74.

    i have to say i've been reading through the comments and good on you E20Launderette i totally agree i think everyone involved in this story line has been amazing and i've been enjoying it Well done all
    good to hear kat and alfie are staying i like them

  • Comment number 75.

    For the first time since it began I havent felt comfortable watching it. its not just the cot death tragedy - apart from the ludicrous baby swap storyline I think it has been acted magnificently - its just how much more human tragedy can the Ronnie character take? For gods sake give her a break! There just doesnt seem to be much in the way of upbeat storylines now, there always has to be a downside to everything and I think it would be nice, for once, if we got a small glimmer of hope somewhere. And can someone please do something about the decor in the Vic's living room, and Phil and carols homes, they are soooo depressing to watch on screen. A minor point perhaps, but it does make a gruelling storyline even worse to watch. I am sorry if this repeats anybody else view, but its the first time I have felt compelled to comment.

  • Comment number 76.

    I think i speak for alot of people when i say.. this is a story. its a good story line, and it has to be done to show people out there what really does happen. i know it is tragic and makes alot of people feel uncomfertable to watch, but you have to remember that it is a soap and soaps do tend to drag things out and make them more dramatic, but i understand that people are getting upset and there is a clear reason but you have to remember, its not really happeneing to THIS family, because its fiction, but it does unfortenetly happen to some familes, but i think people need to just relax and just because people are leaving comments of complaints, you have to remember this isn't the first time a soap has done a story line like this, and im sure we will see some more during the show, that doesn't meen people have to complain. i know it may be upsetting and make people who have been or havnt been in that situation very angry and upset, but it is a soap and nothing can be done. just remember, there has to be a happy ending. samantha (ronnie) is an amazing actress and so if jessie and shane and i have to compliment them all on their absolutely fanonamal BRILLIANT acting! and any award coming up im sure they will get it because it is just amazing!
    eastenders all the way..!
    Thank you for taking your time to read my message, deeply appreciated.

  • Comment number 77.

    Fancy Charlie leaving on a central line train on Thursday when Walford East is supposted to be on the District Line. Anyone who regularly travels on the Undergound would surly notice. What a big boo boo the BBC mad there!

  • Comment number 78.


  • Comment number 79.

    I know there has been a lot of issues with this story line but things like that happen and its just really a wake up call to what some one who is in a desperate situation will do, and so mothers and fathers will always keep watch on their newborn babies.

    I don't know who would agree but i thought the story line was very interesting and would of liked to see where it ended up and how the characters coped with the original story line. but I'm sure the re-written one will be just as interesting but why should it be changed... real life doesn't change just cause people don't like it its done and it never gets changed you just have to accept it.

  • Comment number 80.

    As a big eastenders fan I was deverstated when i heard Samantha Womack
    (who plays one of my favorite characters) is quitting, especially as Lacey has gone. Reading that Shane and Jessie we're on their way out, I was delighted they're sticking with EE and staying on our tv's.
    The baby storyline was horrible, but after concentracing on the episode where Ronnie switched the babies, it showed the true side of a devistaded mother.
    After watching it this week, i'd have said, you should have edited the storyline before showing it on TV of having someone stay with Kat and Alfie's baby, and Ronnie being truthful about her baby.
    Putting in that a baby died was horrible but made clear sense, but I can't believe, being a "professional" television show broad casted to thousands you'd let the swap go ahead.
    Still a big Eastenders fan. And still deverstated Samantha Womack is going, even though I understand why. I just hope it wont be all time perminant as she really suits the part.

  • Comment number 81.

    Keep going strong Shane & Jessie :)

  • Comment number 82.

    i think that the story line was a great idea sorry to those who have lots a baby but yet soo have and and its good for the bbc to show viewers that this actully does happen. if people do not like what they are watching then you only have to switch it over. for those who are hating on the actor/actresses are not fair they have been givin a script and have to follow that. it is a program it isnt real. calm down people. welll doen to all those involved you are doing great xxx

  • Comment number 83.

    I am not only glad that these two fantastic actors are not going to leave 'Enders for a while, but also that such a story as the changellings and the cot death of one of them has come up in the developement of the soap, because it has given them an opportunity to show their great acting skills, as well as giving their characters a new side, different from the usual comic take, that makes them even more real and close to the viewers hearts. Ronnie has had many (may be too many) chances of showing her tragic side, but not so these two.
    I know the story is in itself upsetting. As a mum of a 6-year-old I still remember my heart stopping when I peeped into her cot and she didn't inmediately respond to my voice. It is everyparent's worst fear, to find your baby dead, and as such I understand the reactions it has given rise to. But I find storylines in this and other shows equally disturbing (cold blooded murders, children abductions, torture and death at the hands of a loony next door...)and people don't seem to mind at all. Thanks for a great show and great acting.

  • Comment number 84.

    eastenders producers stop the story line as its getting boring now we need domething big ineastenders now . hers my thoughts ronnie splits up with jack so she takes tommie back to kat and alfie tells them she's sorry and she swaped baby's kat will then phone charlie and tell him she's sorry for blaming him and tells him whats happend he should then return to the square and have a heart attack he should then die and all the slaters should come back for the funeral andd stay for good .
    p.s i think michele ryan should return to eastenders and be there for kat then she should have a fight with ronnie because of the baby swap .

  • Comment number 85.

    i also think michael moon should get killed off by mo harris knowone likes him

  • Comment number 86.

    So Kat and Alfie aren't leaving then. Someone told Jessie Wallace that she was leaving? Thats not good at all. If she leaves then Shane Richie will leave. Hopefully they don't leave Eastenders not for good (anyway). If i am correct it is good to hear that there both not leaving the show. They are one of the most famous and most viewing/loved couple in Eastenders. It's good that there getting the storyline back to it's original state. I think Charlie should come back to Eastenders even though he is still signed to a Eastenders contract. I still think both Jessie Wallace and Shane Richie should be nominated for an award for the great performance on Eastenders.

  • Comment number 87.

    It's really simple. If you can take the time to cut out crucial scenes and add in the silly 'only way is Essex' convo between Jody and Poppy, then would it not be easier all round to just shoot the scene where Ronnie gives Kat back the baby and be done with it. Let's get this over.

    Now here's what gets me, you have a site here which allows people to give an opinion, does anyone actually read it and take on board what people are saying? I don't mean the twelves, I mean the adults who have been watching this show all their adult lives.

    Had you truly been reading what people say, that storyline would have been abandoned and would have saved you all those complaints.

    Just like you should be listening to us about the teen prostitute story.

    Then again, I get the feeling that you're going for this stupid sensationalism now, that show has been popular forever, the most popular soap in the UK. All you are going to do is drop right down in the ratings as people get sick of this rubbish. Us mums all told you there was no way this story would get anywhere, in real life a mum knows her own baby, she's held Tommy and still doesn't know. Don't be stupid, that just would never happen.

    Get this story over, for goodness sake, it's worse than the Bobby Ewing shower scene.

  • Comment number 88.

    I am writing re the cotdeath/babyswap story on eastenders, I can't believe the narrow-mindedness of some of the other viewers, complaining about this storyline, EE reflects true life stories, and unfortunately in real life, cot death, child snatching, kidnapping, swapping, young adult sudden death syndrome, are all part of human life, its the way we deal with these things that can become the shocker! I can only think that its too close to home for some viewers to contend with, but there is always a choice, watch and learn, sympathise with the cast for their excellent portrayl of story, or SWITCH OFF!!!! If it upsets you, hit the button, or leave the room, but don't berate the producers and cast for their version of life, in real life, grief can overtake people, it clouds their judgement, it takes away the senses, plays tricks on their minds, makes a sensible person become a thief, a risk-taker, doing things out of character, post-natal depression can destroy a person, take away their confidence, puts doubts in their heads, makes them distrustful, all instincts of a new mother just vanish! a spur of the moment thing, which most of these thing are, are not designed to hurt and upset other people, it suddenly becomes the answer to a gaping great hole that a bereavement, or loss can suddenly leave you in, it it not planned or intended to hurt people, but it does happen, and I commend Jessie Wallace and Shane Richie on their superb act of bereaved parents, and Sam Womack for playing the part of a depressed,heartbroken young woman, for whom the hole she had to fill was cruelly snatched from her before with Danielle, and Kat losing her baby all over again! Please don't finish the storyline too quick, do it justice, if only to explain why these things happen, but remember, people have a choice to view or not to view, that is their question?????? Keep up the good work!!!!

  • Comment number 89.

    Kat and alfi are the best acttors in eastenders. Me and my freinds watch it if ronnie, kat alfi leaves eastenders you would loose alot viewers.

  • Comment number 90.

    when is ronnie going to give kat and alfie there baby back

  • Comment number 91.

    Yay!! they not leaving!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D xxxxxxx

  • Comment number 92.

    i hope roxy gets pregnant by christian and then he realises that he loves her like he did or thought he did when amy was born and he was going to b her dead until sean came bac :( and then syed can change his mind but its to late cos she is already pregnant and then roxy and christian can live happaliy ever after, but they prob ont cos its eastenders lol :P

  • Comment number 93.

    I went off watching Enders, for quite a long while when the whole Mitchell clan took over the pub again, since in the main I couldn't stand the characters of the brothers. Enders has always gone through long phases of depressive characters & story lines, that have you to the brink of throwing yourself off a cliff! There is enough bad stuff in peoples own lives & in the news that at times watching enters can feel like the final nail! At that time there were hardly any characters that had any redeemable qualities about them - the Mitchell especially. Also there never seemed to be any real consequence to any of the characters actions & almost every scene had someone in a state of a breakdown in tears - it drove me nuts - so I found something more entertaining to watch! Then after a year or so I began watching it again, and I honestly have to say how much better it is, ppssibly the best it has been for a long time, there are good actors, with a good diversity in the characters. There is more laughter, less of tears! I just love the Masood family! I like Ronnie & Roxie, the Brannings infact there are no Characters I really dislike except Phil's & I don't know what was going on in the producers minds when the re-cast Ben! I thought the original actor really suited the roll much better! Charlie Brooks' Janine is awesome I think Janine must be an illegitamte daughter of Alexis Colby! It is awesome that Share & Jessie are back in the Box, they are the best Landlord/lady since Den & Age. They bring laughter & drama to the Vic! Love big Mo, she has some great lines. The best Enters has been for years!

  • Comment number 94.

    hmmmmmmm what is going on with the show now then??????.i understand that due to so many complaints,that the baby story with ronnie and kat was being cut short, but i didnt think it was going to now be ignoured altogether.i dont get the writers way of thinking now.in the last few episodes,ronnie hasnt even been present.so wht didnt they just bring the story to a end at the funeral and done with.by the time kat and alfie find out the truth the baby will be months old, thats stupid.
    and as for filling in with that poppy and that jody,omg the acting was terrible,and a waste of time.
    also i would like to view my opinions on the actesses and actors that are leaving or recently left eastenders.we are losing loads of our favorite stars.as a viewer of eastenders since it began,i like the people staying, not keep departing. how about bringing stacys brother shane back, i thought he was a brilliant actor.and can we have less drama for a while,cause as soon as one is over its stright on to the next one.

  • Comment number 95.

    oh sorry forgot to add,a mother would know her baby, the old saying that babies look alike is rubbish.when kat held the baby in the pub she would have known he was hers, thats stupid.

  • Comment number 96.

    Well said Pat Wakeland. As a lot of people have quite rightly said, if you don't like the story, don't watch it! So I have chosen to do just that! You say that these soaps are there to portray real life issues, well in that case, make it a little more realistic..... ofcourse you would know your own baby, and as for taking the story up to Christmas, OMG! How much more dippressing stories can you fit into one soap!!! Do the writers of Eastenders actually realise that there are good and happy and funny things that happen in real life too!!! Think on!

  • Comment number 97.

    So glad the rumours aren't true! x


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